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Foreman Developer 11/19/2019
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05:02 PM Foreman Feature #29338 (Closed): Add hosts to the hostgroup jail
Usecase: We use hostgroups to manage some clusters configuration via puppet. In some cases we need to provide all clu... Baptiste Agasse


08:58 AM Foreman Bug #27086 (Rejected): Update hardcoded max values for CPUs and memory for ovirt CR
Baptiste Agasse
08:57 AM Foreman Bug #26044 (Resolved): v4 API | Optimized for Desktop instead of Server
Baptiste Agasse
08:57 AM Foreman Feature #28030 (Resolved): Add sockets support to fog-ovirt for instance_type
Baptiste Agasse


01:22 PM Foreman Bug #28035 (Closed): Fix foreman behavior on ovirt instance type selection
* On host creation page reload (after an error) disabled fields linked to instance type for oVirt compute resources a... Baptiste Agasse
09:41 AM Foreman Feature #28030 (Resolved): Add sockets support to fog-ovirt for instance_type
fog-ovirt lack of sockets support for instance types. Baptiste Agasse


06:59 AM Foreman Bug #27943 (Closed): oVirt return an error when creating vm with instance type with a lot of memory
When using instance type to create VM, oVirt return an not obvious error on maximum memory size. Tested on oVirt 4.3. Baptiste Agasse


02:28 PM Foreman Bug #23937: Missing validation checks when no value selected in `Disk interface`
Related to #26381 Baptiste Agasse


09:17 AM Foreman Tracker #27680: API bugs that need workarounds in foreman-ansible-modules
Evgeni, I think you can you can also add #27544 Baptiste Agasse


12:18 PM Katello Feature #27545: Add lifecycle environment API endpoint
Sorry, it seems that lifecyle environments are handled by environments in katello API. Sorry for the noise. Baptiste Agasse

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