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03:47 PM Foreman Feature #25975 (Closed): Add ability to read compute_attributes via foreman API
At the moment, the foreman API for compute_attributes is write only (only create/update operations are available). To...


12:03 PM Foreman Feature #25802 (Closed): Add disk usage info on storage domain select for oVirt
It should be nice if we can see disk usage / free space on storage domains select when we provision a new VM.


03:03 PM Foreman Feature #23269 (Closed): Add automatic network selection of ovirt network based on subnet vlanid in foreman webui
Today, in foreman webui, VMWare compute resources auto select compute resource network based on VLAN ID field in the ...


02:48 PM Foreman Feature #21762 (Closed): Expose underlying disk options for oVirt provider
fog-ovirt/rbovirt/oVirt API 3.x supports some other options on disk creation like disk interface (virtio/virtio_scsi/...


12:46 PM Foreman Feature #21694: Add MTU support for subnets
Patches for foreman and templates are ready, I just wanted some feedback on this before pushing.


01:58 PM Foreman Feature #21694: Add MTU support for subnets
We workaround the lack of MTU in subnet like this at this time. But we have some hosts with multiple interfaces with ...


06:05 PM Foreman Feature #21694 (Closed): Add MTU support for subnets
Currently it's not possible to change the MTU value of a subnet, and all network interfaces are configured with the d...


05:41 AM Foreman Feature #18088 (Ready For Testing): Automatically assign oVirt network from foreman network
Second par of #10539. When building a oVirt/RHEV VM using Foreman it would be nice if the network could be assigned b...
04:27 AM Foreman Feature #10539: Automatically assign oVirt name and network
Someone can re-open this ? The second PR is not accepted ATM (network assignment part). Thanks.


09:12 AM Katello Bug #17392: unable to run installer with capsule-puppet-server-implementation option
As you said all goes well without this option and the good repo. Sorry for the noise.

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