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05:58 PM Foreman Feature #18147 (New): As a User Concearned about Security, I would like two factor authentication
Passwords alone are not really good enough any longer. We need to consider adding some form of two factor authenticat...


05:47 PM Foreman Bug #2369: Paramaterized classes persist through import after parameters have been removed
This issue seems related:
I can find no way to delete Smart class parameters.
After deleting all of my Puppet cla...


02:18 PM Foreman Bug #16115 (New): Multiple tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg files when changing the provisioning interface
When you do the following you are left with multiple mac address files in /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/ for a singl...


01:29 PM Foreman Feature #12372: Support Azure as a compute resource
Close this please.
01:25 PM Foreman Feature #15983 (Duplicate): Better tag Management in Amazon EC2
I would like to be able to do the following on EC2 compute resource vms:
1. Also tag the volume with the same na...


09:00 AM Discovery Bug #15769 (Closed): Discovery still uses "short" name for Organizations and Locations
In Discovered Hosts => Select Action => Assign {Organization,Location}
Only the short name is listed instead of the ...


11:09 PM Foreman Feature #15360 (Closed): UserData default should Patch the system and reboot
Most other templates do this, although I can see a case for not doing it in the cloud.
It can be tiresome if you are...
11:07 PM Foreman Feature #15359 (Closed): UserData default should install an automation tool (puppet/chef/salt)
We should use the standard snippets like all other templates.
11:01 PM Foreman Bug #15358 (Closed): UserData default is insecure
The Cloud init template creates an admin account with a password, which is against standard best practices in cloud p...


02:38 AM Foreman Feature #2170: Add support for ec2 tags during instance creation
Chris Edester wrote:
> It would be nice to add additional tags other than Name.
> For example, we often tag instanc...

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