Rimma Ashkinadze




07:57 PM Katello Bug #24082 (Closed): hammer content-view purge not deleting unused versions if one is in use by a published view
In this content view, there are 2 versions published in environments, 5 unpublished. One of the 5 unpublished can be...


08:12 PM Katello Bug #23662 (Closed): Unable to promote content views due to 'null' value for timestamps.
After an upgrade to Foreman 1.17 and Katello 3.6.0
07:37 PM Foreman Bug #23661 (New): Change in behavior in "Enable smart variables in ENC" setting
Prior to the 1.17 upgrade, I had "Enable smart variables in ENC" set to YES and puppet catalogs were able to get vari...


03:12 PM Katello Feature #21807 (New): Smart proxy status does not report pulp errors
The smart proxy status page gives no indication that there is a pulp error -- specifically :


12:05 PM Foreman Feature #20506 (New): Allow foreman-debug to upload using a proxy
Foreman-debug allows the tarball to be uploaded directly to a public server, but for installations on private network...


04:35 PM Katello Bug #19421 (Closed): Foreman Proxy with content ping check doesn't report capsule with issues
Capsule ping check (on the initial smart proxy page) shows the capsule as fine even though the db connection is down....


10:08 AM Katello Bug #14026: Unable to remove content-view versions using hammer
The correct syntax is hammer content-view remove --name ${cv} --organization-id 1 --content-view-version-ids ${id}


01:18 PM Katello Bug #14026 (Closed): Unable to remove content-view versions using hammer
I have been trying to remove older content view versions using hammer (and possibly automate this), but although it r...


11:35 AM Katello Bug #11784: Hammer content-view remove-version does not work
This appears to be the same issue as, but the content views are n...


05:38 PM Katello Feature #9540 (Rejected): Add documentation to Content View user guide to describe how to filter for an OS release
The existing documentation on creating content views mentions using filters, but does not describe how to filter for ...

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