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12:06 PM Katello Bug #18793: Content Views Create/Promotion Fails with "undefined method '[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
For my install (CentOS 7, Katello 3.3) it looks like the gem is here :
Jason Frisvold


02:26 PM Foreman Bug #11786 (Resolved): Import facts fails with ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failes
I have one host in my setup that seems to be having problems being added to foreman. The error I'm receiving in the ... Jason Frisvold


10:25 AM Katello Bug #11679 (Resolved): Runtime Error null when deleting component content views
I'm in the process of deleting a bunch of old content views no longer in use. The process I've used is to reassociat... Jason Frisvold


11:33 AM Katello Bug #11556 (Closed): Changing the URL of a repo doesn't seem to make a difference
When Katello 2.3 was released, I updated the URL I was syncing the katello client from. It was originally :
Jason Frisvold


11:30 AM Foreman Bug #11031: Cannot remove interface with duplicate name
FWIW, I wasn't able to see any errors in the logs when I was having this problem. I'll admit, though, I'm not sure w... Jason Frisvold


05:07 PM Foreman Bug #11410 (Duplicate): Unable to delete invalid interfaces from foreman
I had a few hosts that had overlapping interfaces listed in foreman. Not sure how that happened, presumably on fact ... Jason Frisvold


02:40 PM Katello Feature #11357 (Rejected): Add ability to specify custom certificate for repo sync
I'm trying to set up a repo sync in Katello to a repo that uses a certificate signed by an internal self-signed CA. ... Jason Frisvold


02:30 PM Katello Bug #11126 (Resolved): Bulk update of packages on content hosts doesn't work
I have several hosts that need to be updated. I can accomplish this via the "Update All" button on each hosts Packag... Jason Frisvold


08:19 PM Katello Bug #11028: Nightly repo syncs often result in duplicate key error
I'm running Katello 2.2.1 and Foreman 1.8.2. Jason Frisvold


03:36 PM Katello Bug #11028 (Closed): Nightly repo syncs often result in duplicate key error
I have a number of repos set to sync at midnight each night. Each night, at least one repo sync seems to fail with a... Jason Frisvold

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