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01:46 PM Katello Bug #23786 (Closed): Document how to setup katello with remote databases
This is now live
01:46 PM Katello Bug #23762 (Closed): add foreman-maintain documentation to
This is now live in the site
01:01 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #23984 (Closed): foreman-maintain backup doesn't work in cron job
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|8f45ba1da0627be6f41f187f4c9d162ad292ff79.
12:59 PM Foreman Maintain Revision 8f45ba1d (foreman_maintain): Fixes #23984 - Update PATH in initialization
We use commands like 'runuser' that live in /sbin, so we need
to ensure the proper PATH is loaded when running comman...


05:26 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #23984 (Closed): foreman-maintain backup doesn't work in cron job
Copying from since we now use foreman-maintain where this is still an is...


07:01 PM Website Revision 07eb33ce (theforemanorg): Update 3.7 docs with relevant parts from nightly
This adds the following to 3.7 docs from nightly:
- SUSE content
- Remote databases
- Backup docs link to foreman-mai...


02:16 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #23940 (New): Preface backup metadata yaml keys with colon
The previous backup metadata file had yaml keys with a colon, i.e. ':rpms' instead of 'rpms'.
We should keep this ...


02:01 PM Packaging Bug #23615 (Closed): redirect katello-service
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-packaging|d9f3f547fc961e2ae223f30cd5e1e8a1a9f20e1d.
01:00 PM Packaging Revision d9f3f547 (foreman-packaging): Fixes #23615 - Redirect katello service
Katello-service functionality has moved to foreman-maintain. We
can redirect katello-service there since it uses the ...


01:30 PM Website Revision 23ccbf85 (theforemanorg): Adds foreman-maintain documentation
Adds foreman-maintain documentation. This is taken from the
foreman-maintain wiki. Since Katello now depends on

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