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04:02 PM Katello Bug #31971 (New): Add API call to get all RPMs for a CV filter, both added and available
This is for the new content view page and would be similar to
03:54 PM Katello Feature #31970 (New): New Content View Page - Add Added/Available/All to the content view filter details page
A follow up to - Add the selector according to mockups.
03:52 PM Katello Feature #31969 (New): New Content View Page - Add filter RPM detail pages
The package group filter details page has been added, add the RPM detail page as well according to mockups


07:07 PM Katello Bug #31957 (New): New Content View page - Repositories for "Not Added" not scoped to organization
Going to "labs/content_views/$ID#repositories" and selecting "status: not added" will show all repositories not added...
05:01 PM Katello Bug #31756 (Closed): Make single API call to show all content available and added to a content view filter
Applied in changeset commit:katello|1f2af48525052b59c6bbaeeced2a3e4cbd34deb2.
04:53 PM Katello Revision 1f2af485 (katello): Add endpoint to show added and available content for cv filter (#9139)
* Fixes #31756 - Add show_all_for param to package groups for cv filters
* Refs #31756 - PR updates
* Refs #31756 -...


06:52 PM Katello Feature #31867: update references to content (/pulp/repos/ /pulp/isos/ /pulp/deb) to point to /pulp/content/
please bump to 4.0.1 if it doesn't make 4.0.0
06:50 PM Katello Refactor #31866: Move rest_client_timeout out of katello.yaml to a runtime setting
Any context around this or is it part of a planned feature? Marking as backlog for now, but feel free to change to re...


02:01 PM Katello Bug #31716 (Closed): Patternfly 4 - Have tabs that support routing and subpages
Applied in changeset commit:katello|3197ac57f2acd231c9b4b3e523124164d0fcfef9.
01:56 PM Katello Revision 3197ac57 (katello): Fixes #31716 - Add support for linked tabs and subroutes (#9109)
* Fixes #31716 - Add support for linked tabs and subroutes
This adds support for Patternfly 4 tabs for the following...

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