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04:01 PM Katello Feature #28294 (Closed): add possibiliy to add ssl-stuff with the name
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-katello|b6f129a1b7245226499540e2aeb49a14a83cd1ed.
03:23 PM Katello Revision b6f129a1 (hammer-cli-katello): Fixes #28294 - Create repo with ssl cert name
This adds the ability to create a repository with a content credential names, not just ids
For example:
hammer repo...


02:29 PM Installer Bug #28706 (New): Installer fails on centos7-katello-devel spin up
TASK [foreman_installer : Run installer] ***************************************
fatal: [centos7-katello-devel]: FAI...


02:57 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #28527 (Ready For Testing): Add pulp3 migration preparation step to foreman-maintain
this is the 'foreman-rake katello:pulp3_migration' task


04:01 PM Foreman Maintain Feature #28193 (Closed): update foreman-maintain services to handle pulp3
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|7ea3ce68b15e20f01193c25c345993026cac85d6.
03:48 PM Foreman Maintain Revision 7ea3ce68 (foreman_maintain): Fixes #28193 - Handle pulp3 services (#290)
* Fixes #28193 - Handle pulp3 services
This adds the ability to handle pulp3 services. A service is used to determin...


12:19 AM Katello Bug #27483: Promoting a Content View removes all puppet classes and parameters from Environment
Jorick Astrego wrote:
> [...]
Hey Jorick, I'm not sure if it is the root cause of things, but the owner on my 3.1...


06:01 PM Katello Feature #28047 (Closed): make it clear for a smart proxy what is running in pulp2 vs pulp3
Applied in changeset commit:katello|822c2121f13b3c6c72f3414128964ebec34f58bf.
05:27 PM Katello Revision 822c2121 (katello): Fixes #28047 - View pulp 2/3 content support on smart proxy
Adds the ability to see the pulp 2 and 3 supported types on the Services page on a smart proxy. Also
shows if a pulp3...
05:27 PM Katello Revision b2fcf70d (katello): Refs #28047 - Adding info to smart proxy details API

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