Alex Fisher




11:01 AM Smart Proxy Bug #26458 (Closed): Smart Proxy lists valid certificates as expired
Applied in changeset commit:ea0ca79087bae926a17b9117a12e0f89915b7a4a.


07:32 PM Smart Proxy Bug #26458 (Closed): Smart Proxy lists valid certificates as expired
The logic in the new puppetca http api implementation is wrong (when using puppetserver >= 6.3)
The new puppetserv...


11:52 AM Installer Revision eede7ef9 (puppet-pulp): Add `scheduled_repo` wrapper defined type
I always create a `pulp_schedule` resource each time I create a
`pulp_rpmrepo` resource. This wrapper will do this f...


03:19 PM Installer Revision b3926bb6 (puppet-pulp): Improve pulp_rpmrepo gpg_key validation and docs


11:31 AM Foreman Bug #26124 (Ready For Testing): Build duration wrong during rebuild
I've just hit 'build' on a host I originally built a few days ago. On the host page and dashboard the 'build duratio...


11:14 AM Foreman Bug #26113 (Closed): Smart proxy log times not displayed.
Foreman and smart-proxy version: 1.21.0-RC5
Log entries are not displaying timestamps.
10:32 AM Installer Support #25927: Hardware Requirements would be a much better place to get advice on this.
I think most people...
10:26 AM Foreman Bug #26102: Smart proxy puppet detail page chart layout is broken
Duplicate of


02:20 PM Foreman Bug #26085 (Closed): 1.21 Locations/Organization migration should also update the relevant 'Puppet' settings
When upgrading to 1.21, users without existing Locations/Organisations will automatically get a new 'Default Organisa...


09:25 AM Foreman Bug #25799 (New): Bare-metal host 'Deploy On' setting doesn't persist
I have some bare-metal hosts in a hostgroup that has 'Deploy On' defaulted to a vmware compute resource.
Each time I...

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