Amir Fefer





02:28 PM Foreman Bug #27646: Notification window is not big enough to show the whole message.
Works well on develop, as you can see at the attached screenshot


06:10 PM Foreman Feature #27660 (Ready For Testing): documentation for observeStore is missing
observeStore allows to legacy js to observe the redux's store for changes.


02:29 PM Foreman Bug #27160: Foreman fails to find IP address for boot server if main resolver is down
I think its very non-trivial for a user (like me) to understand how to use this setting.... also, this seems a lot li...
02:25 PM Foreman Bug #27585 (Need more information): default dns timeout value is nil
when trying to provision a host, the following error is observed....
02:23 PM Foreman Bug #27584 (New): Content Security Policy on fonts
the following errors are observed on nightly / production version...
02:22 PM Foreman Bug #27583 (New): Unable to delete a host because of a missing XXX entry


10:56 AM foreman-tasks Feature #27510 (Ready For Testing): extract react router to foreman core infra


03:02 PM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #27489 (Closed): remove global from eslint config
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_plugin|f105f3af3575e3143fa6b4f79b937650083ba9d4.
03:02 PM Foreman Remote Execution Feature #27486 (Closed): Add foreman vendor
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_plugin|6a9df55d7a91a9fa31ef8ae38602667a020b9c2a.
02:14 PM Foreman Remote Execution Revision f105f3af (foreman_plugin): Fixes #27489 - remove global in eslint config

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