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09:01 AM Foreman Bug #23599 (Closed): Getting hosts via API with thin=true returns wrong subtotal value
Applied in changeset commit:d5f2f1de95e4cc665705c5047ccc89660f0bb92d.
08:25 AM Foreman Revision d5f2f1de: Fixes #23599 - fix subtotal value in API call with thin=true


10:44 AM Foreman Bug #24017 (Ready For Testing): Scroll bar is absent in taxonomies dropdown
Description of problem: With number of organizations/locations(approx more than 30), it is difficult to switch betwee...
03:01 AM Katello Bug #23966 (Closed): React router doesn't catch empty state buttons
Applied in changeset commit:katello|bcb8a5e04fa02c67636180477319082dd1c1ea12.
02:49 AM Katello Revision bcb8a5e0 (katello): Fixes #23966 - empty state buttons work with react router


09:17 PM Foreman Bug #21201 (Duplicate): Notification link not properly shown
04:17 PM Foreman Bug #21201: Notification link not properly shown
Looks like migrating to patternfly-react fixed this issue
see attached...
01:01 PM Foreman Bug #23251 (Closed): Breadcrumbs switcher needs visual adjustments
Applied in changeset commit:5b16c0dc08e42839b20262f9e9733835bae999f1.
01:01 PM Foreman Refactor #23391 (Closed): remove next/previous caption in breadcrumb switcher
Applied in changeset commit:5b16c0dc08e42839b20262f9e9733835bae999f1.
12:44 PM Foreman Revision 5b16c0dc: Fixes #23391, #23251 - adjsut breadcrumbs swticher to pf design

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