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03:47 PM Katello Bug #24867: Could not calculate errata status, ensure host is registered and the katello-host-tools package is installed
Apologies for the delay. A few things to try:
Can you confirm the host is registered with subscription-manager, an...


06:54 PM Katello Feature #24902 (Ready For Testing): allow specifying a package list when publishing a content view
Right now, a new content view version just gets whatever's in Library when published. This makes it difficult to repl...


10:53 PM Katello Bug #24855 (New): repository update will save info to Katello DB before backend services are updated
If you enter bad data in Katello on the repository update page or via hammer or API, you may be able to get into a st...
05:50 PM Katello Bug #24853 (New): repository edit page shows upstream password field as blank instead of "****" when password is given
On the repo edit page, if you edit the repository password and hit save, it will correctly display as "******" in the...


02:03 PM Katello Revision 934154f4 (puppet-katello_devel): Bump DB pool size
Awhile back, the DB pool size for development was set to 5. This was
not enough, and resulted in `ActiveRecord::Conne...
01:17 PM Katello Bug #24826 (New): (dev env) lots of "[WDS] Disconnected!" errors in browser console
In my Katello dev environment with webpack running (vanilla env), I get a lot of "[WDS] Disconnected!" errors in the ...


12:27 PM Foreman Bug #24807 (Closed): toast notification sends strings through as HTML
If you call `Notification.setErrorMessage()` with a string that contains `<` and `>`, the string will get sent throug...


03:01 PM Katello Bug #24769 (Closed): unable to search for packages
Applied in changeset commit:katello|9f5f15856327f35556fbc60dd05a9cff539dba6b.
02:50 PM Katello Revision 9f5f1585 (katello): Fixes #24769 - do not auto-search on `evr`
Previously, `evr` was autosearched upon in the package search page.
This resulted in errors since you could put somet...


11:04 PM Katello Bug #24769 (Closed): unable to search for packages
If you attempt to do a package search from the packages page, no results will be displayed. Instead, you'll get this ...

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