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09:23 AM Discovery Bug #24236 (Ready For Testing): priority uniqueness of the discovery rule should only apply to the current organization
there's currently a 1:1 relation between a dsicovery rule and its priority (meaning that a single priority can only b...
08:38 AM Discovery Bug #24235 (Closed): Discovery rules should automatically pick the next available priority if not specified.
apidoc says the dsicovery_rule is an optional parameter:
optional , nil allowed


02:54 PM Foreman Bug #23625 (New): external audit message not logged on deleting organization
I have an external logging enabled (journal) and I noticed, the destroy audit messages are not being generated on del...


08:20 AM Foreman Bug #23377 (Closed): Audits - changes to external group membership are not audited
There should be an audit record created while using external auth source and the external group membership changes fo...


12:10 PM Foreman Bug #23026 (Closed): Audits - changes to compute resource passwords are not audited
easy fix: remove the :password from the audit exceptions.
The passwords come out [redacted] in the audits.


03:24 PM Foreman Bug #22899 (New): RBAC model allows users to steal shared records from other users.
have 2 orgs with 1 user each, where each user is an Org admin for his appropriate org and also belongs to it:
user1 ...
03:08 PM Foreman Bug #22898 (Closed): Preview fails on /clone_template - 404 returned
on a template "clone" dialog, whenever i click "preview" (do a POST to "/templates/provisioning_templates/{nullid}-{t...


07:13 AM Katello Bug #22763: hammer content-view puppet-module add raises ArgumentError (wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 0))
John Mitsch wrote:
> Which version of katello was this using?
Sorry - it was a recent nightly version


06:03 PM Foreman Refactor #22778 (Closed): Allow admin to opt-out from the Brute-force attack protection
Implementation of introduced a BFA protection, however this is not configu...
01:14 PM Foreman Bug #22765: hammer organization add-location constructs invalid payload for PUT endpoint
version: katello-nightly (provisioned on 2018-03-04)

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