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11:43 AM OpenSCAP Bug #37262 (New): Creation of Policy with deployment method Puppet fails
When clicking through the Wizard to create a Policy with deployment method Puppet it fails after the last step with t... Dirk Götz
10:47 AM Foreman Bug #36792: "Label" field marked as mandatory in WebUI when creating an organization
I think the label should be auto-created like everywhere else and perhaps like it is done here in the background if k... Dirk Götz
10:36 AM OpenSCAP Refactor #30163: Remove Puppet deployment option
In my opinion it should not be removed, but disabled or made invisible if the puppet plugin is not installed or other... Dirk Götz


03:00 PM Installer Bug #37211 (Closed): Support for Avatars broken by ProxyPass
Applied in changeset puppet-foreman:commit:puppet-foreman|41125e941f1cf67c4cae8ac42cd4ed7c105a6348. Dirk Götz
12:52 PM Installer Bug #37211 (Closed): Support for Avatars broken by ProxyPass
Support for Avatars is broken by ProxyPass because of a missing exception for /images not handled by puma. Dirk Götz
02:44 PM Installer Revision 41125e94 (puppet-foreman): Fixes #37211 - Add ProxyPass for /images to support avatars
Fixes #37211 Dirk Götz


02:55 PM Website Revision 2cfa3d60 (theforemanorg): Replace the archtitecture image with a newer one
Dirk Götz


07:03 AM Packaging Revision 5c73e65f (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-dry-validation to 1.8.1
Dirk Götz
07:03 AM Packaging Revision e5195455 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-netbox-client-ruby to 0.6.0
Dirk Götz
07:03 AM Packaging Revision 84574cf7 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-foreman_netbox to 1.2.0
Dirk Götz

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