Dirk Götz




04:10 PM Foreman Bug #29787 (New): Foreman removes quotes from hashes in parameters
Foreman silently removes quotes from values of hashes in parameters when storing them and also if erb is used.
In ...


01:54 PM Installer Revision 4307abe9 (puppet-foreman): Add options for rails_cache_store
This allows to make use of redis as backend, but still defaults to file.


06:59 AM virt-who configure Feature #29651 (New): Automatically unsubscribe hypervisors
At the moment hosts are automatically created and subscribed if a subscription is free to use, but if a hypervisor is...


02:19 PM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #29264: Host task show nothing
I can see the same problem on a customer setup which is running on Ubuntu 18.04 while my personal setup is fine which...
06:53 AM Plugins Feature #28985: Foreman_monitoring - Add description to roles
The linked pull request is merged.


05:48 PM Packaging Revision 25317f1e (foreman-packaging): fix contentdir for smart_proxy_omaha


01:02 PM Ansible Feature #25159: Ansible variables overrides on hosts/edit page
I have this also as a customer request and think this will be a big improvement in usability. Any plan to push this f...


03:51 PM Hammer CLI Bug #28899: Host update deletes assigned puppet classes
laugmanuel tested for me and commented in the PR that the problem is fixed. Thanks for the fast fix!


11:53 AM Hammer CLI Bug #28899 (Closed): Host update deletes assigned puppet classes
We found hosts losing puppet classes when updating the owner via cli. After some investigation we could confirm that ...


12:42 PM Packaging Revision f6bd3173 (foreman-packaging): Add rubygem-foreman_concrete package

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