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04:01 PM Katello Bug #24730 (Closed): unable to publish a content view including RH repo with a filter
Applied in changeset commit:katello|3477c3b3159d32ed79e4ad6f382904ff3ae1149d.
03:58 PM Katello Revision 3477c3b3 (katello): Fixes #24730: chksum_type can come from scratchpad
The checksum_type is no longer automatically set on the distributor by
Pulp. Instead, it's set on the Pulp repository...


05:50 PM Katello Bug #24975: ERF42-1709 Must supply an entity to find a medium provider during template render validation
Waiting to triage this issue to match Foreman's related issue.
03:02 PM Katello Bug #24937 (Closed): Validation failed: Cannot set auto publish to a non-composite content view
Applied in changeset commit:katello|a8c4bb713f8bbf933285c7ed81e5793d6f019f8b.
02:35 PM Katello Revision a8c4bb71 (katello): Fixes #24937: Never CVV auto_publish when not comp
Ensure that auto_publish is unchecked and false when users uncheck the
composite checkbox while creating a content view


01:03 PM Hammer CLI Bug #24964 (New): Document how to deprecate commands
This PR ( introduced the ':warning' and ':hidden' options to subcom...


07:27 PM Katello Bug #24937 (Closed): Validation failed: Cannot set auto publish to a non-composite content view
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
While creating a new...


08:11 PM Katello Bug #24701: foreman-tasks refresh can mess up vertical navigation
I can reproduce this with foreman-1.20.0-0.201809111421gitb958ae50.6.develop.el7.noarch and katello-3.9.0-8.el7.noarch
07:01 PM Katello Bug #24905 (Closed): Katello 3.4: Removing hypervisor from one host collection will remove hypervisor from all host collections
Applied in changeset commit:katello|9207421dcfaa271e31f08a27d0c765d498583b3b.
06:06 PM Katello Revision 9207421d (katello): Fixes #24905: Add host_collections to hosts#show

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