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Hammer CLI Developer 06/07/2016
Katello Developer 03/10/2016
Hammer CLI CSV Developer 07/19/2016
Hammer CLI Import Developer 04/11/2016
Packaging Developer 03/10/2016
Runcible Developer 03/10/2016



05:58 PM Katello Wiki edit: Triage_Rotation (#11)
Remove akofink from triage rotation Andrew Kofink


03:24 PM Foreman Bug #23840: Host class does not change with managed state
The associated PR was abandoned. Andrew Kofink


08:26 PM Katello Bug #27563 (Rejected): "No new packages installed" output when applying a package upgrade erratum
1. Register a system with an applicable erratum which only updates a package (no new packages)
2. Apply the erratum ...
Andrew Kofink
07:54 PM Katello Bug #27562 (New): noarch packages in a package inclusion filter rule includes no packages
1. Create a content view with a yum repo (i.e. zoo)
2. With a package inclusion filter
3. With a rule to include a ...
Andrew Kofink
06:58 PM Katello Bug #27561 (Closed): Inconsistent font in content view filter rules list tab
1. Create a content view
2. Add a package inclusion filter
The following message is displayed in serif font: "RPM...
Andrew Kofink
05:23 PM Katello Bug #27560: Expanding Subscription row results in a JS error
This seems fixed in nightly. We just need to find which commit fixes it and cherry pick it to 3.12. Andrew Kofink
05:12 PM Katello Bug #27560 (Resolved): Expanding Subscription row results in a JS error
1. Have a subscription providing multiple product content
2. Navigate to /subscriptions/
3. Try expanding the row o...
Andrew Kofink


05:48 PM Katello Bug #27455: Setting puppet environment for hostgroup via hammer fails
This should be fixed once hammer_cli_katello 0.18.2 is pushed to the Katello 3.12 repository Andrew Kofink


05:44 PM Foreman Bug #27280 (Need more information): Unable to join a machine with bonded primary interface
Andrew Kofink
05:43 PM Foreman Bug #27280: Unable to join a machine with bonded primary interface
Could you please show us the list of facts from subscription-manager?
subscription-manager facts --list
Andrew Kofink

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