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03:30 PM Katello Feature #24018 (New): Searching for all instances of packages in all repos
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
Current search for pac...


04:30 PM Katello Bug #24005 (New): Subscription info can show many provided products
The list of provided products can be very large. I propose we put them in a separate pane with it's own scroll bar (s...


02:26 PM Katello Bug #23982 (Duplicate): Switching orgs in redhat_repos page shows a blank page
1. Import manifests into two different orgs
2. Navigate to Content -> Red Hat Repositories
3. Use the org switcher ...
02:21 PM Katello Bug #23981 (Rejected): JS console errors on manifest page
On a fresh centos7-katello-3.7 box (no manifest imported):
1. Navigate to Content -> Subscriptions


02:37 PM Katello Bug #23957 (New): Notification.setRenderedSuccessMessage is not a function on bulk product sync
Found in nightly
1. Content -> Products
2. Select a couple products
3. Select 'Sync Now'


03:29 PM Katello Feature #23882: De-emphasize yStreams in the repos page
y streams are tracked for each repo in repo['substitutions']['releasever']. Here are some repo examples:...
02:49 PM Foreman Bug #21566: top level vertical navigation menu is slow to respond
So, I did some research, and patternfly doesn't allow overriding this delay, though there's an issue/feature request ...
01:08 PM Katello Feature #23882 (New): De-emphasize yStreams in the repos page
The existence of the zStreams tends to cause confusion with users. These should be hidden, perhaps in an "Advanced" s...
12:53 PM Katello Bug #23805: Upgrade Katello 3.5/3.6 with foreman 1.16.1/1.17.1 fails at foreman-rake katello:corr...
Glad it worked for you. We'll keep an eye out for this same issue. For now, I'll put it on 3.6.1 since it affects upg...


11:54 AM Katello Bug #22637: Updating repo link on Products page of WebUI doesn't upgrade backend
It will make 3.6.z if it's set to < 3.6 (i.e. 3.5.3). If you move it to 3.6.1 and we do a 3.5.3 release, it won't mak...

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