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09:40 AM Foreman Bug #28104 (Duplicate): Cannot create SubnetParameter through API "unknown attribute 'organization_id' for SubnetParameter"
Foreman Version: 1.23
Ruby Version: 2.3.3
Creating a subnet parameter via API results in error "u...
Mattis Haase


03:18 PM Packaging Bug #22315 (Closed): Cannot add new disk to VM when using image based to provision
Compute resource connection test ok, permissions set up as per manual.
On creation of a new host on the compute re...
Mattis Haase
03:06 PM Foreman Bug #21520: "InvalidRequest: Required property diskId is missing" when provisionning a new Virtual Machine from template
This is not resolved, first of all, manual changes should not be needed to get core functionality to work. Secondly, ... Mattis Haase


07:36 AM Installer Bug #14371 (Rejected): Ubuntu 14.04 Installation fails - Unable to locate package ruby-foreman-setup
Steps to reproduce:
# Fresh 14.04 installation
# sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list.d/foreman.list
# add http://deb.t...
Mattis Haase

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