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03:01 PM Installer Bug #33744 (Closed): workaround for pulpcore-content PostgreSQL connection issue
Applied in changeset commit:puppet-pulpcore|440a8e054248f271f3c0b022844a07a1bac580b2.
02:38 PM Installer Revision 440a8e05 (puppet-pulpcore): Fixes #33744 - notify the socket service when the DB changes
pulpcore-content fails to reconnect to the database,
so schedule a restart whenever the db changes
see https://pulp.p...
02:04 PM Installer Bug #33744 (Closed): workaround for pulpcore-content PostgreSQL connection issue
when pulpcore-conent loses its database connection, it does not re-establish it properly, leading to a broken content...
12:42 PM Installer Revision b79786c5 (puppet-pulpcore): use provides, not the python package name for plugins
12:42 PM Installer Revision e3d8f32a (puppet-pulpcore): add minimal rpm version that has provides to the readme
12:42 PM Installer Revision 330d62bb (puppet-pulpcore): also use provides for core


03:01 PM Foreman Bug #33671 (Closed): don't warn about apipie cache when using "rake config"
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|701fff0b9d81b58428ef0d622dbb1aa2f732ca77.
02:57 PM Foreman Revision 701fff0b (foreman): Fixes #33671 - hide apipie warning in config
before this patch:
# foreman-rake config -- -k use_shortname_for_vms
API controllers newer than Apipie cache...


10:33 AM Katello Bug #33703 (Ready For Testing): Ping API consideres Pulp3 healthy, even if no content apps are available
There are ways to get into the situation, where Pulp3 API is available, but the content app is down (see https://pulp...


02:59 PM Foreman Revision 60539811 (foreman): don't add packaging as codeowners for test.rb and development.rb

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