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Foreman Developer 04/19/2017
Installer Developer 04/19/2017
Packaging Developer 04/19/2017
SELinux Developer 04/19/2017
Smart Proxy Developer 04/19/2017
Foreman Maintain Developer 04/28/2021
Hammer CLI Developer 04/28/2021
Plugins Developer 04/28/2021
ABRT Developer 04/28/2021
Ansible Developer 04/28/2021
AzureRM Manager, Developer 05/06/2021
Boot disk Developer 04/28/2021
Chef Developer 04/28/2021
DigitalOcean Developer 04/28/2021
Discovery Developer 04/28/2021
Docker Developer 04/28/2021
Foreman Remote Execution Developer 04/28/2021
receptor plugin Developer 04/28/2021
foreman-tasks Developer 04/28/2021
foreman_setup Developer 04/28/2021
Infoblox Developer 04/28/2021
Katello Developer 04/19/2017
Hammer CLI CSV Developer 07/11/2018
Hammer CLI Import Developer 04/19/2017
Packaging Developer 04/19/2017
Runcible Developer 04/19/2017
KubeVirt Developer 04/28/2021
MCollective Developer 04/28/2021
OpenNebula Developer 04/28/2021
OpenSCAP Developer 04/28/2021
Salt Developer 04/28/2021
Templates Developer 04/28/2021
virt-who configure Developer 04/28/2021
Xen Developer 04/28/2021
Website Developer 04/28/2021



05:18 PM Foreman Revision 1c0ecb53 (foreman): also execute assets:precompile as part of GHA tests
Evgeni Golov


06:27 PM Foreman Revision 4283fb48 (foreman): execute db:seed as a test
Evgeni Golov
05:42 PM Foreman Revision 740a46d1 (foreman): run integration tests as part of the GHA matrix
Evgeni Golov
04:00 PM Hammer CLI Feature #36954 (Closed): add support for cache status
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-foreman|0040042742e4e31b9b273cf9cc17e0a31a557169. Evgeni Golov
08:51 AM Hammer CLI Feature #36954 (Closed): add support for cache status
in #31545 we added cache status to the ping api, expose that in hammer please Evgeni Golov
03:06 PM Hammer CLI Revision 00400427 (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #36954 - add cache status to ping output (#622)
* Fixes #36954 - add cache status to ping output
* Refs #36954 - Make duration output consistent
Evgeni Golov
12:28 PM Hammer CLI Revision c5e56c74 (hammer-cli-foreman): use strings, not floats to denote ruby versions (#623)
otherwise `3.0` is translated to `3` which means something different :) Evgeni Golov


10:16 AM Foreman Revision 38e2c55c (foreman): enable GHA for pushes to develop and stable branches
without this there is never a "base" cache and PRs always start off
without any cached gems, taking longer to execute
Evgeni Golov
10:15 AM Foreman Revision b3b6aa38 (foreman): move rubocop into foreman.yml
Evgeni Golov


02:56 PM Foreman Revision 9f8202b7 (foreman): configure cancel-in-progress for new foreman workflow
Evgeni Golov

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