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07:03 PM Packaging Revision d5b11c61 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-foreman_azure_rm to 2.2.4
07:02 PM Packaging Revision 429d5c2f (foreman-packaging): azure_rm 2.2.4


12:33 PM Packaging Revision 3bb0868b (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-puma to 5.3.0


07:13 PM AzureRM Revision c68ffa09 (foreman_azure_rm): Fixes #32561 - use "cloud" in the CR API output
"cloud" is the parameter we expect the user to enter, so let's also use
it for our output
04:53 PM AzureRM Revision f26b3737 (foreman_azure_rm): Refs #32120 - drop Windows from limitations
04:52 PM AzureRM Revision 72560346 (foreman_azure_rm): Fixes #32555 - default to public "azure" cloud if not specified
this makes older API clients work without changes
07:43 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Debian_Packaging (#31)
06:53 AM AzureRM Bug #32562 (Ready For Testing): hammer doesn't show the cloud
currewntly, the hammer output is:...
06:48 AM AzureRM Bug #32561 (Resolved): azure_environment (cloud) inconsistent between API params and output
API params document the "cloud" parameter, but the JSON output when viewing a CR says "azure_environment"


02:32 PM AzureRM Bug #32555 (Resolved): azure_environment (cloud) should have a default
#31188 introduced support for selecting which cloud you deploy on.
but now, when you create a CR via the API, and ...

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