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11:43 AM Website Revision 67b8be73 (theforemanorg): hide tracer on EL5/6 and yum instructions on SUSE (#1292)
11:28 AM Website Revision 5d31644b (theforemanorg): allow easier selection of os-specific sections
* use css classes for selection, allowing multiple sections to be marked
as "to show" or "to hide"
* the above requ...
11:21 AM Website Revision 48e4689b (theforemanorg): point katello nightly docs to nightly foreman
11:20 AM Website Revision a9a6fd2d (theforemanorg): default to point to EL7 client instructions, not EL5
10:20 AM Packaging Revision 4e2e1b0b (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-runcible to 2.11.0


01:01 PM Foreman Bug #25879 (Closed): RFauxFactory dependency not uptodate
Applied in changeset commit:976957bc86d7e0721be8bf7d3deb7054a0dccc8c.
12:32 PM Foreman Revision 976957bc: Fixes #25879 - bump rfauxfactory dependency


08:01 PM Katello Bug #25576 (Closed): Pulp should handle cleanup of Puppet directories
Applied in changeset commit:katello|42b1fcb73452c06552b28b286726af43f0e5c413.
07:06 PM Katello Revision 42b1fcb7 (katello): Fixes #25576 - pass subdir=modules to PuppetInstallDistributor
The relevant pulp-puppet feature was added in 2.13 [1].
It allows pulp-puppet to better clean up the distributor.
07:40 AM Katello Bug #25406: Reimporting the existing CV version should have more refined validation message
The commit is actually in 3.10.0, but it seems I can't set the fixed-in to this version

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