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12:08 PM Foreman Bug #36001 (New): Make new pf4 modal for adding personal access token
Make a new pf4 modal for adding personal access token for the user in the UI.
This also includes the closed bug http...


09:14 AM Foreman Bug #35772 (Assigned): new host details - Page header width should expand with Details tab columns
09:13 AM Foreman Refactor #32795 (Assigned): Update window.confirm dialog to PF4 confirmation dialog


02:49 PM Foreman Bug #35762 (Ready For Testing): No host found error after editing host's address
When editing a host and adding or changing the interface's address, an error "No host found" occurs sometimes.
10:02 AM Foreman Refactor #35761 (Assigned): Change old Patternfly 3 into the newer version
Revise Patternfly 3 in the code and change it to version 4.194.0.
09:57 AM Foreman Refactor #35760 (Assigned): Remove unused CSS


01:01 PM Foreman Bug #34219 (Closed): Page title incorrect on new host details page
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|f8ad2c3b166d65c5fdcf8b5ba2f7b82a4f7a27df.
01:01 PM Foreman Bug #33535 (Closed): New Host detail page - Page title doesn't display properly
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|f8ad2c3b166d65c5fdcf8b5ba2f7b82a4f7a27df.
12:53 PM Foreman Revision f8ad2c3b (foreman): Fixes #34219 - Add page title to Host Detail


05:02 PM Foreman Bug #35724 (Closed): Incorrect page title on host statuses page
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|d1b18e04246418ef2056eb98e98feedb631622b2.

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