Gail Steiger





06:12 AM Foreman Revision 3186c78d (foreman): fixes #14178 - introduce react patternfly toasts


04:49 PM Foreman Feature #18712 (Ready For Testing): Spinner
create patternfly styled Spinner react component
10:05 AM Foreman Bug #18678: notification actions always open an external tab
IMHO, notification actions opening an external tab is a feature, not a bug.
Why should clicking an action close th...
09:57 AM Foreman Bug #18438: Allow adjusting notification checking period
I think it would be more worthwhile to implement websockets sooner rather than setting up an interim configuration me...


02:01 PM Foreman Bug #18248 (Closed): dashboard auto refresh causes notification component to duplicate it self
Applied in changeset commit:44fc2ca1f72548c93e39dcea8f9df1be9a89ff79.
01:25 PM Foreman Revision 44fc2ca1 (foreman): fixes #18248 - dashboard auto refresh mounts duplicate components


08:01 AM Foreman Bug #18326 (Closed): Notification drawer doesn't preserve open group tab after navigating to another page.
Applied in changeset commit:c33ab7eef5cafacc2a28ea9bd69dee263a7eb868.
08:01 AM Foreman Bug #18194 (Closed): notification expand toggle should not be used
Applied in changeset commit:c33ab7eef5cafacc2a28ea9bd69dee263a7eb868.
07:42 AM Foreman Revision c33ab7ee (foreman): Fixes #18194, #18326 - minor UI bugs Notifications
persist open group on navigation
remove expand toggle indicator


03:11 PM Foreman Bug #18327 (Duplicate): Notification polling request should not be initiated if there is an open turbolinks operation

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