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Foreman Maintain Developer 01/08/2018
Katello Developer 03/07/2017
Hammer CLI CSV Developer 07/11/2018
Hammer CLI Import Developer 03/07/2017
Packaging Developer 03/07/2017
Runcible Developer 03/07/2017



07:07 AM AzureRM Bug #37351 (Rejected): Correct the foreman-maintain packages update warning
Currently the message we get while running 'foreman-maintain packages update' is the following.
Ashish Humbe


07:00 PM Katello Bug #37030 (Closed): Wrong link to Files in CV Repositories tab
Applied in changeset commit:katello|bbe9ab05493105c70dced0252ffcd98511729539. Ashish Humbe
06:35 PM Katello Revision bbe9ab05 (katello): Fixes #37030 - Wrong link to Files in CV Repositories tab
Ashish Humbe


06:27 PM Katello Bug #37030 (Closed): Wrong link to Files in CV Repositories tab
Description of problem:
Link to files in Content View > Repositories has wrong url, leading to 404 when clicked on.
Ashish Humbe


07:00 PM Katello Bug #36272 (Closed): Fix the Documentation link in the Manifest history tab
Applied in changeset commit:katello|aeb2b178665e7e6e1501305268a339173c92c7d0. Ashish Humbe
06:16 PM Katello Revision aeb2b178 (katello): Fixes #36272 - Fix the documentation link to create manifest (#10608)
Ashish Humbe


04:00 PM Foreman Feature #30690 (Closed): Add "last_checkin" attribute to Entitlements Template
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|4819ca4dac3ef1ba97f24f4a3aaf12b99d2f95c5. Ashish Humbe
03:23 PM Foreman Revision 4819ca4d (foreman): Fixes #30690 - Add last_checkin attribute to Entitlements Template
(cherry picked from commit 9b3cf295416346baf088ac5f757662f85d4b26e9) Ashish Humbe


05:00 PM Foreman Bug #36244 (Closed): "Host - compare content hosts packages" report template should restrict or notify if Host 1* and Host 2* name are same
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|f5208832e235d14374188dd3c7629814c30604c8. Ashish Humbe
04:26 PM Foreman Revision f5208832 (foreman): Fixes #36244 - Notify user if he is trying to compare the same host
Ashish Humbe

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