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04:20 AM Katello Bug #26678 (Closed): Errata counts aren't similar between the content-hosts view and the export csv
Description of problem:
`Export` CSV from content hosts page do not match the errata count from the web UI
How re...


04:22 PM Katello Revision 391bc7dc (hammer-cli-katello): Fixes #23972 - Add release and service level to activationkey (#562)
09:18 AM Katello Bug #23972 (Closed): hammer doesn't show "release-version" and "service-level" for "activation-key"
We are able to set/update "release-version" and "service-level" for an activation key from hammer as below:
hammer a...


08:48 AM Katello Bug #22981 (Closed): Not able to attach a subscription to a host with hammer
hammer host subscription --attach --subscription-id $id --quantity 1
While attaching subscription to hos...


10:55 PM Katello Bug #20574 (Closed): API call of GET /katello/api/host_collections says organization_id optional, but doesn't accept without organization id
Description of problem: `organization_id` parameter is mentioned as optional for `host_collections` API. Without the ...


06:17 AM Hammer CLI Bug #20227 (Closed): LDAP Groups base DN not visible in CLI through command "#hammer auth-source ldap info"
LDAP Groups base DN not visible in CLI through command "#hammer auth-source ldap info"
It shows all information ex...


03:19 AM Katello Bug #20207 (Closed): "Last Published" date on "Content Views" page does not get update when publish new version of view
Description of problem:
For a content view, when new version is published a content view version is added and it s...


01:42 AM Katello Bug #20102 (Closed): Capsule sync stops with a warning. Error "RestClient::MethodNotAllowed
Capsule sync tasks complete with a warning. The error we see is on the "Actions::Pulp::Repository::Destroy" action ....


06:40 AM Katello Bug #20084 (Closed): Email notification - Sync errata - email should be send to only those users who belongs/access to the organization
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create User "User-A" in Organization-A and select "syn errata" in My Account


06:05 AM Katello Bug #19371 (Closed): hammer --noncomposite ignores the value passed to it and always removed composite views
Description of problem:
If you include --noncomposite on the hammer command line when listing
content views, the ...

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