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01:26 PM Foreman Feature #29960 (Closed): Run foreman.service with systemd PrivateTmp=true
When foreman.service or foreman-proxy.service is started, it creates world-writable directory `/tmp/bundler/home`. So... Anurag Patel


11:44 AM Foreman Feature #29478 (New): Capture sudoers file in foreman-debug archive
A few users have requested to evaluate if /etc/sudoers, /etc/sudoers.d/* files can be included as part of foreman-deb... Anurag Patel


09:29 AM Foreman Bug #24847 (New): Update foreman-debug manpage and remove mailing list refs
As per discussion on the linked Bugzilla, it was discovered that:
1. In the man page, -u parameter should be more ...
Anurag Patel


02:54 PM Foreman Bug #23226: Locations from parent HG are not inherited by child HGs
Original bug report from BZ:
Description of problem:
Hostgroup api fails to inherit the location from the paren...
Anurag Patel


07:01 PM Hammer CLI Feature #2921 (Closed): Add commands for Audits
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-foreman|768148d8547a2ad9f6a190541c3ef4ad5eb913ef. Anurag Patel
06:19 PM Hammer CLI Revision 768148d8 (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #2921 - Add commands for Audits
Anurag Patel


12:18 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #22211 (Closed): No count method defined for state stopped/planning/pending/scheduled
This is not a bug. Tracking this in to hide the option mentioned here. Anurag Patel


03:40 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #22231 (Closed): foreman-maintain upgrade check/run are unable to install fio package
From Bugzilla:
Description of problem:
# foreman-maintain upgrade check --target-version=6.3
# foreman-maintain ...
Anurag Patel
02:23 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #22229 (Closed): foreman-maintain not checking disk space during health check or upgrade check
From Bugzilla:
Description of problem:
foreman-maintain tool not checking disk space during health check or upgra...
Anurag Patel
02:21 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #22228 (Rejected): If upgrade errors, a message to re-run upgrade manually is printed
From Bugzilla:
Description of problem:
If you run foreman-maintain to upgrade a system and the "satellite-insta...
Anurag Patel

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