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08:01 AM Foreman Feature #25168 (Closed): Add “Managed” into interface overview
Applied in changeset commit:07760f198a2fd6ab86c058d1b86ffc0e2857b356. Amit Karsale
07:56 AM Foreman Revision 07760f19 (foreman): Fixes #25168 - add managed icon interface overview
Amit Karsale


11:01 AM Foreman Feature #24798 (Closed): searching on a specific host's hosts/<id>/interfaces should only return the matching interface
Applied in changeset commit:459b2cf3bfe10d92b00284777694475377cb522b. Amit Karsale
10:26 AM Foreman Revision 459b2cf3 (foreman): Fixes #24798 - Host Interface API search
Amit Karsale


08:21 AM Foreman Bug #26601: Role permission not consistent
Hello Patrick,
I tried these steps with 1.22.0 version of Foreman but was not able to reproduce. Can you confirm t...
Amit Karsale


09:57 AM Foreman Bug #25008: Foreman API host facts returns facts two times
Hello Jan,
I tried with the latest 1.20 version and I am not able to reproduce. Do you have any bindings to use 1....
Amit Karsale


09:42 AM Foreman Bug #24121 (Closed): API hostgroups/X/hosts listing all hosts instead of hostgroup
not able to reproduce in foreman 1.20+ hence closing. Amit Karsale


10:01 AM Foreman Bug #25476: Compute Resource Openstack API v2
does that really make sense to adapt the floating aspect of the API version? Amit Karsale


09:28 AM Foreman Bug #25251: non-admin user gets 'PG::AmbiguousColumn: ERROR: column reference "puppet_proxy_id" is ambiguous' when trying to view smart-proxy details
need info: what all roles are required for the non-admin user to reproduce the issue.
Tried with roles as :
Amit Karsale


01:04 PM Katello Revision 62813250 (katello): Fixes #25200 - try check for start_at column
Amit Karsale

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