Kavita Gaikwad





11:52 AM Foreman Maintain Revision cf91fcb5 (foreman_maintain): Refs #25186 - downcase repo_name before matching regex


04:02 PM Foreman Maintain Feature #25186 (Closed): Satellite installer should not run on systems which have hotfixes applied
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|fbb1fbe6475f4fe9018adff7fb8aa69fd99a51be.
04:00 PM Foreman Maintain Revision fbb1fbe6 (foreman_maintain): Fixes #25186 - hotfix check (#236)
Adds check detecting installed hotfixes and patched files that may be overriden by an upgrade.
Warning is issued info...


02:01 PM Foreman Bug #24271 (Closed): Edit Host as non-admin user is orders of magnitudes slower than as admin user
Applied in changeset commit:7663c04b15929a93ba1c513a95c98b1d8282cf7c.
01:01 PM Foreman Revision fb1a2b10: Refs #24271 - declared params_authorizer in partial than helper
01:01 PM Foreman Revision 515cc445: Refs #24271 - commit 2 with slower query change
01:01 PM Foreman Revision c73ee134: Refs #24271 - extracted user check outside of authorizer
01:01 PM Foreman Revision 7663c04b: Fixes #24271 - Edit Host as non-admin is slower than admin
For non-admin users, it takes more time in processing
common_parameters partials as comparative to admin.
Removed '.c...
01:01 PM Foreman Revision 17d37c9b: Refs #24271 - used param_authorizer as a local variable


09:01 AM Foreman Bug #25525 (Closed): Host details/associated host button on discovered host audit gives 404
Applied in changeset commit:c69f8b647841a30de1fbbf6620a00c4274c6eb30.

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