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06:56 AM Foreman Feature #24010 (New): Host list should have a possibility to mass-add host variables
in the host list, I can mass-editor host variables. This does, however, only work when the variables are alrea...
Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber


06:47 AM Foreman Bug #23971 (New): column_view plugin abysmally slow in foreman 1.17
my foreman installation hosts about 1500 systems and is hosted on a rather powerful machine. Since updating to...
Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber


03:19 PM Website Revision b3ed57ea (theforemanorg): Clarify documentation regarding installation media (#1039)
This is the result of the discussion in
Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber


10:47 AM Foreman Bug #23354 (New): @host.model empty until installer runs
I am trying to implement a different size of the swap partition if we’re just installing a virtual machine. He...
Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber


07:13 AM Foreman Bug #19623: Changes to vmware vm gives 'Could not find network X on VMWare compute resource'
I have an 1.16 installation that is suffering of this issue because of the too old fog-vsphere. Is there a workaround... Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber


04:05 PM Foreman Feature #10955: Support to set vmware configuration parameters
I have the exact same issue. Is there any roadmap to have this implemented? Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber


09:32 AM Foreman Feature #21192 (Duplicate): should remove boot CD after building VSphere VM via Compute Resource
Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber
09:30 AM Foreman Feature #21192 (Duplicate): should remove boot CD after building VSphere VM via Compute Resource
when buildint VSphere VMs in Foreman, the virtual boot CD created, uploaded and connected to the new VM by for...
Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber


03:39 AM Foreman Bug #20936 (New): After creation of a VM in vSphere, the boot CD stays connected
when building VMs in VMware using the foreman-vsphere plugin, the VM boots from a small ISO which contains an iPXE cl... Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber


04:56 AM Foreman Bug #16686: issues when changing smart proxy settings while hosts are in build mode
As I wrote in the original report, the same issue will also apply to DHCP and other Smart Proxies.
If it will only...
Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber

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