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04:04 PM Katello Feature #37634 (Closed): Stop users from editing container push repositories
*This issue was manually cloned from
Container push repositories shoul...
Quinn James


03:49 PM Katello Feature #37529 (Closed): [RFE] Sort repositories with a natural sort order in the web UI
After talking with the team, it doesn't seem to be important enough to dedicate resources for now. Going to close. Quinn James


08:03 PM Katello Feature #37529 (Closed): [RFE] Sort repositories with a natural sort order in the web UI
Feel free to reject this request if it isn't something worth developer time; this is VERY irrelevant.
In the web ...
Quinn James
07:38 PM Katello Bug #37528 (New): Removed products do not dissapear from the web UI until the page is manually reloaded
Steps to reproduce:
* In the web UI, navigate to the Products page. Check a product and select the remove action.
Quinn James


08:04 PM Katello Bug #37455 (Closed): Create Katello push repositories as needed at container push time
This issue is a clone of and is a component of Quinn James


05:45 PM Katello Bug #37401 (New): --content-view-filter-id only works for ID-type filters
--content-view-filter-id filtering does not work for date filters, only ID filters. We should add somewhere in the do... Quinn James
05:43 PM Katello Bug #37394: --content-view-filter-id only works for ID-type filters
For filtering errata, we can filter based on what should be available in the content view filter. The API docs and ha... Quinn James


07:20 PM Foreman Bug #37359 (New): Host create/edit form Operating System tab has cosmetic issues
On the host create/edit form, the 'Operating System' tab contains a few grammar mistakes and styling issues:
* The...
Quinn James


06:45 PM Katello Bug #36924 (Ready For Testing): Subscription Details Page has a broken page header
Quinn James


08:58 PM Website Bug #37310 (New): has significant sidebar overlap on narrow browsers
On both Firefox and Safari, guides will cut off the leftmost content of guides when the viewport ... Quinn James

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