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01:17 PM Foreman Bug #28855 (Ready For Testing): Database template finder ignores taxonomy
When unattended controller renders a template, it finds it in a correct taxonomy in method provisioning_template, but...
11:38 AM Ansible Bug #28854 (New): Rails restart causes A copy of ForemanAnsible::AnsibleInfo has been removed from the module tree but is still active!
Dev environment only, restart helps....
10:43 AM Foreman Feature #28853 (Ready For Testing): Add NIC type to safemode methods
And also some helpers too.


01:14 PM Foreman Feature #28846 (Ready For Testing): Support PPC64 PXE files location
It looks like PXE images for Red Hat systems are stored in a different subdirectory than on Intel. Foreman then tries...
09:44 AM Foreman Bug #16706 (Resolved): Rename POWER DHCP filenames to elf
Foreman 1.20+ ships with "Grub2 ELF" bootloader, use the extension .elf for the bootloader. The Default Grub2 templat...


03:05 PM Foreman Feature #28825 (New): Fact and report collecting should be opt-in
Storing lots of fact and/or report data can quickly go out of control and our research shows that not everyone uses t...


10:11 AM Foreman Feature #25532 (Resolved): Foreman/Cockpit integration


02:43 PM Foreman Bug #28762 (New): PXE templates do not render when IPv4 subnet is nil
In case of IPv6 provisioning when IPv4 is unset, templates fail to render: Unable to render PXELinux template 'Kickst...
02:13 PM Hammer CLI Bug #28760 (New): Unable to create IPv6 subnet
The CLI/API insist on providing mask, for IPv6 we do provide prefix in CIDR notation in UI which Javascript fills int...
11:54 AM Foreman Tracker #28683: IPv6 only support
For the record, I encountered this problem during sync:

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