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04:27 PM Foreman Feature #34042 (Ready For Testing): Use prometheus process worker grouping feature
I wrote a patch for prometheus Ruby client which should solve our problem of getting many temporary data files behind...
01:03 PM Foreman Bug #30029: /metrics endpoint takes over a minute to load
I have another PR that should solve the problem, if you are using Puma app server (which is the default for Foreman 3...
10:41 AM Webhooks Bug #34036: Webhooks fails to build with error: " Setting 'administrator' is already defined, please avoid collisions"
Yeah we've seen this already. My wild guess is that there is some ordering issue, settings framework does not expect ...


07:26 PM Foreman Bug #33937: Cannot change "local boot ipxe template"
I can confirm your understanding, yeah.
So is this resolved or not?
06:53 PM Katello Bug #33676: Packages from AppStream variant are invisible
If you could elaborate or correct my statements, I'd ...
06:44 PM Katello Bug #33676: Packages from AppStream variant are invisible
Ian, sorry I missed your comment in the sea of redmine update notifications.
I think I tested on 6.10 snap, but no...
06:39 PM Discovery Bug #33926: Provisioning via Discovery: "undefined method `puppetclass_group_with_icon'"
Let me know if it does not help, the update should be out by now.
12:31 PM Foreman Bug #34026 (Ready For Testing): Importing puppet report via the API does not authorize
The patch #21654 changed how fact importer features are registered, the change was made in the host controller but no...


03:54 PM Packaging Revision 07e3f0a0 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-foreman_discovery to 20.0.0
03:54 PM Packaging Revision a6a87c96 (foreman-packaging): Update discovery to 20.0.0

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