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12:40 PM Foreman Feature #27971 (Rejected): Optimize reports/logs deletion rake task
These patches were too complex with unclear results, let's focus on refactoring reports storage from scratch.
12:33 PM Foreman Bug #28855 (Rejected): Database template finder ignores taxonomy


06:01 PM Foreman Bug #29178 (Closed): Missing information about "Create Smart Proxy" via webUI
Applied in changeset commit:4ac40456329ef181f4ce85be37da96cc50f07d87.
05:12 PM Foreman Revision 4ac40456: Fixes #29178 - improved labels and help on proxy page
04:01 PM Foreman Feature #27975 (Closed): Rake task for cleaning up DHCP records on proxy
Applied in changeset commit:d6fcd61a816402dfa54eeb85933cebff2d1c8dd1.
03:00 PM Foreman Revision d6fcd61a: Fixes #27975 - DHCP cleanup task
12:15 PM Smart Proxy Bug #2720 (Rejected): smart-proxy DNS doesn't work with multiple DNS servers because of default value for 'dns_server' option
Ewoud comment:
Note that conflict detection (which depends on `dns_server` for various providers) would be very un...
09:36 AM Foreman Bug #29407: Provisioning a host with DHCP half-applies to a generated host from DHCP provided name, not built host
I don't believe bootdisk has anything to do with this, you mentioned it several times but keep in mind that in bootdi...


09:28 AM Foreman Refactor #29444 (New): Improve NIC parsing code
Discussed in the thread but TLDR, we need to...


12:27 PM Foreman Bug #29239: Default PXE global template entry "discovery" no longer works for EFI systems
Actually this is a regression it seems, I will try to hit 2.0 for this one.

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