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10:04 AM Foreman Support #26430 (Closed): Safemode doesn't allow to access 'host_subnet' on #<Safemode::ScopeObject>
Hello, @host_subnet@ seems to be undefined variable. Do you want to use @\@host.subnet@ instead?...


09:52 AM foreman-tasks Bug #26415 (Ready For Testing): Default debug export time is not in good order
We added the limit in #25434 however it's in bad order.


04:02 PM Foreman Bug #26356 (Closed): Hostgroup provisioning does not work with Katello synced media
Applied in changeset commit:d520031e0401ccedafc81a4008dd09d73b40a3f8.
03:15 PM Foreman Revision d520031e: Fixes #26356 - hostgroup combo works with katello (#6570)


10:00 AM Foreman Bug #26384 (Ready For Testing): Operating system icons are various sizes
OS icon is rendered at 16x16, for some reason we store them mostly in 21x21 but there are other sizes as well. We sho...


11:44 AM Foreman Bug #26277: Foreman provides DHCP address via smart-proxy and used by server but No actual DHCP lease was created.
Don't get me wrong, but I am afraid you need get better in isolating what is wrong and in communication skills, "it's...
07:05 AM Foreman Bug #26370 (New): Resolve HTTP boot hostname to IP address
It looks like Grub2 expects IP address for HTTP UEFI Boot and it won't work with FQDN. Let's make sure the IP address...


01:58 PM Foreman Feature #26362 (Ready For Testing): Update fog-openstack to 1.0.8
This looks like a smooth upgrade, nothing major changed and everything seem to work. However, there is one slight det...
09:33 AM Foreman Bug #26356 (Closed): Hostgroup provisioning does not work with Katello synced media
There is no medium associated when Katello plugin is installed and Synced Content is selected. This breaks hostgroup ...


03:02 PM Discovery Bug #21935 (New): No notification of discovered host for user with "Organization admin" role
The fix was reported not to work correctly. Flipping back to NEW.

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