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01:56 PM foreman-tasks Refactor #25434 (Ready For Testing): Default debug export interval to 1 month instead of 6
It's creating 30+ GiB CSV files on one of customers production installation, this renders foremand-debug unusable "by...
09:37 AM Foreman Bug #25340: Nil exception when talking to proxy with non-existing SSL certificate
Hello, your "SSL certificate" Global Setting is incorrect, check settings.yml and change that. Probably UNIX permissi...


03:29 PM Installer Revision fde8d9b9 (puppet-foreman_proxy): Install foreman-proxy-journald when JOURNALD is set


04:03 PM Foreman Bug #25428 (Ready For Testing): Telemetry plugin API error: uninitialized constant Foreman::Plugin::DEFAULT_BUCKETS
This sneaked in, apparently no plugins are using telemetry yet!


11:01 AM Foreman Bug #25207 (Closed): Invalid single-table inheritance type: Host::Discovered is not a subclass of Host::Managed
Applied in changeset commit:1663a21d2736fd7980c2ddd9e03e43e321b59525.
10:41 AM Foreman Revision 1663a21d: Fixes #25207 - do not instantiate during permission checks
07:57 AM Packaging Revision 48db5bc1 (foreman-packaging): Discovery 14.0.0 (#3158)
07:57 AM Packaging Revision 09bd71a5 (foreman-packaging): Bootdisk v14 (#3164)


05:17 PM Packaging Revision 33a6ab45 (foreman-packaging): Bootdisk v14
03:31 PM Foreman Bug #25398 (Ready For Testing): FactValuesControllerTest.search_by* test does not work reliably
The two tests are randomly broken for a very long time, we've suffered enough. This is a tracking ticket to fix this,...

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