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02:18 PM SELinux Bug #32023 (Ready For Testing): Denial when installing on CentOS 8 Stream
There is the following denial on CO8Stream:
type=AVC msg=audit(1614873402.173:1566): avc: denied { getattr } for...


01:02 PM Foreman Bug #31995: Possible Memory Leak / Out of Memory Issue
Hello, first of - well described. I wish all the bugreports looked like yours.
Your number confirms what we see - ...


02:50 PM SELinux Bug #31993 (Ready For Testing): Add missing ports for OpenStack
Foreman can connect to OpenStack, however the API is fairly complicated with lots of endpoints and introspection. We ...
02:01 PM Foreman Refactor #31742 (Closed): Turn on eager_load for development
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|245d23de57e306ee1efec18ee69152f176ed3e17.
01:49 PM Foreman Revision 245d23de (foreman): Fixes #31742 - enable eager_load in dev environment
01:23 PM Discovery Bug #31943: Facter 4.x does not report uninitialized interfaces
Was busy but I am back, in case I forget follow this PR:


12:56 PM Foreman Feature #31647 (Resolved): Ability to add new arbitrary event via plugin API
Merged as part of #31730
11:25 AM Foreman Bug #31977 (New): Turn on eager_load for test
We turned on eager_load for dev to match prod environment, but for test we need to refactor how permissions are imple...


02:23 PM Foreman Feature #31684 (Rejected): SSH keys snippet should use user/sshkey kickstart statements
12:54 PM Foreman Bug #31965 (Ready For Testing): Make setting bmc_credentials_accessible disabled by default
As a hardening, BMC credentials should not be accessible.

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