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Foreman Developer 01/27/2011
Installer Developer 05/21/2013
Packaging Developer 08/30/2013
SELinux Developer 06/07/2013
Smart Proxy Developer, Moderator 01/27/2011
Ansible Manager, Developer 01/14/2019
Boot disk Manager 08/20/2018
Discovery Manager, Developer 11/06/2013
Foreman Remote Execution Manager, Developer 01/14/2019
receptor plugin Manager, Developer 11/03/2020
Infoblox Manager 01/14/2019
Webhooks Manager 07/02/2020



12:49 PM SELinux Refactor #5877 (Closed): Introduce foreman_t domain
Yeah feel free to close, there will probably be more of these "ideas" that got implemented along the way. Lukas Zapletal


07:44 AM Smart Proxy Feature #17615: Introduce KEA DHCP provider for smart-proxy
For the record, a smart proxy plugin does seem to exist, but the code is not available (e.g. might not be even open s... Lukas Zapletal


10:22 AM Installer Bug #35101 (New): Create /EFI/redhat symlinks in TFTP directory
A change in grub2 build config (package grub2-efi file grubx64.efi) changed the base directory where grub2 tries to f... Lukas Zapletal
10:05 AM Discovery Bug #34914 (Resolved): Remaster script sets wrong linuxefi and initrdefi, flattens partition structure with 4.0 RHEL 8-based FDI
Fixed in Lukas Zapletal


02:00 PM Foreman Bug #35035: VM creation is broken with libvirt >= 8.0.0 due to VNC password length
Hey, thanks for the report and patch, yeah file a PR please. Lukas Zapletal


02:01 PM Foreman Bug #34702 (Closed): Update grub2 chainboot templates for scsi
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|0462f797c1af5b31c0155cc50da69109e1a798d6. Lukas Zapletal
01:08 PM Foreman Revision 0462f797 (foreman): Fixes #34702 - use warning instead of halt for SCSI issues
Signed-off-by: Lukas Zapletal <> Lukas Zapletal


02:09 PM Foreman Bug #34702 (Closed): Update grub2 chainboot templates for scsi
When network booting a system, there is grub.cfg file used to chainload to local disk upon system installation.
The ...
Lukas Zapletal


11:57 AM Foreman Bug #25690 (Rejected): We should not be auditing last_report field
Lukas Zapletal


12:01 PM Foreman Bug #32572 (Closed): Provide alternative FIPS/NIST approved password hashing to bcrypt
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|add9562faef4f61c4e3aeddd8be6ba7e8e9fc4d1. Lukas Zapletal

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