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10:20 AM Smart Proxy Bug #27896 (Ready For Testing): Allow DHCP providers to accept filename option as hostname
And expose the behavior preferably via capability.
09:11 AM Foreman Feature #23699 (Rejected): Remedeation support for host status
Statuses were improved a bit, let's focus more on our documentation.


03:21 PM Infoblox Bug #27046 (Closed): REST API-based DNS conflict check
11:44 AM Foreman Bug #27879 (Ready For Testing): iPXE Embedded loader does not put token to the DHCP filename option
I've encountered two problems with iPXE Embedded:
* DHCP filename option does not include token at all when NEW ho...
08:15 AM Foreman Bug #26525 (Rejected): iPXE embedded PXE loader is causing DHCP conflict
The filename option should not be subject of conflict checks, going to solve this in the related issue.
06:08 AM Foreman Bug #27877 (Ready For Testing): DHCP conflict when editing PXE loader for existing host
Our orchestration code checks existing DHCP records against MAC, IP, hostname and filename. However filename must not...


03:06 PM Docker Revision 4e3e2b58 (foreman_docker): Refs #27814 - cleanup remaining tables (#220)
08:08 AM foreman-tasks Bug #27865 (Ready For Testing): Warning: previous definition of CIPHERS was here
Dynflow plugin has a copy of file from core which issues warnings during startup:...


02:14 PM Foreman Bug #27852: Cannot add host with interface mac address in e3:xx:xx:xx
Well technically speaking it is a multicast MAC address:
12:01 PM Foreman Feature #9169 (Closed): Option for DHCP proxy to not override next-server
Applied in changeset commit:99f3d23f9487f25f3b1a5a37930b138ccdba8880.

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