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12:40 PM Webhooks Refactor #30305 (New): Rewrite webhooks UI in React
We shall deliver webhooks plugin in React from the day one.
12:39 PM Webhooks Feature #30304 (New): Logging of webhooks delivered
Logging must be helpful both to developers (debug logging) and end users (warning, error, info).
We want to log ev...
12:36 PM Webhooks Feature #30303 (New): Webhooks must be audited
Provide auditing capability for the webhook objects (not for the events fired).
12:35 PM Webhooks Feature #30302 (New): Foreman taxonomy and authorization support in webhooks
Webhooks must play well with enterprise-grade features of Foreman: taxonomy, authorization, permissions, users, roles...
12:33 PM Webhooks Feature #30301 (New): Support authentication of webhooks
Support for HTTP Basic (base64) authentication. Also make sure that HTTPS works with SSL X509 verification. We need t...
12:31 PM Webhooks Feature #30300 (New): Integrate template engine into webhooks
We need to have flexible webhooks, template engine allows users to modify payloads and we can ship examples for vario...
12:01 PM Webhooks Feature #30298 (New): Create and verify AWX webhooks templates
As a good starting point, we need to ship well documented teplates for AWX / Ansible Tower host inventory: host creat...
11:55 AM Webhooks Feature #30297 (New): Implement and verify Katello events
Minimal set of events:
- repository start and finish (including scheduled sync)
- content view CUD
- content vie...
11:50 AM Webhooks Feature #30295 (New): Implement and verify Foreman core events
Minimal set of events:
- host CUD
- host build
- host status change
- hostgroup CUD
- subnet CUD
- domain CUD...
11:34 AM Installer Feature #30294 (New): Installer for foreman_webhooks plugin
Regular plugin, no deviations from expected behavior.

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