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02:01 PM Foreman Feature #33055 (Closed): Support ADFS-style JWTs
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|e6a4bc1c050071d74e6d1d0a5077234138fdc27e.
01:40 PM Foreman Revision e6a4bc1c (foreman): Fixes #33055: Support ADFS-style JWTs
This uses the keyfinder method support from the JWT gem to look for keys
in both the standard 'kid' header as well as...


09:00 AM Foreman Feature #33769 (Closed): Handle different Windows installation types
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|b6755afe89da07a6847810912fb82df8a0c6787f.
08:17 AM Foreman Revision b6755afe (foreman): Fixes #33769 - Windows client installation type
This will currently only handle a single difference - Windows Server vs
Windows. Not things like Windows Server Stand...


11:25 AM Foreman Feature #33769 (Closed): Handle different Windows installation types
Currently, the Windows family only handles one installation type, which in most cases will be Windows Serever.
This ...


01:07 PM Foreman Feature #33055 (Closed): Support ADFS-style JWTs
ADFS does a non-standard thing and passes the JWT key ID in the 'x5t' header field instead of the 'kid' field where t...


01:08 PM Infoblox Revision 768487cd (smart_proxy_dns_infoblox): Separate IPv4 and v6 handling for PTR records
Infoblox only contains a single type for PTRs, which can contain either
an IPv4 or IPv6 address. So unless limiting s...


08:54 AM Foreman Bug #29719 (Closed): Hostgroup facets with inheritable attributes cause errors on hostgroups without instances of the facet
When a hostgroup facet has been registered, along with a host facet and inheritable attributes, then any attempts to ...


04:45 PM Foreman Revision ede2fb8e (community-templates): Fix use of $mac variable in PXEGrub2 discovery


09:00 AM Foreman Wiki edit: List_of_Plugins (#159)

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