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12:01 PM virt-who configure Feature #19981 (Closed): Pre-canned Virt-who roles do not have a description
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_virt_who_configure|49084311a5f4c81e728d16bc5e7538112284bd86.
11:07 AM virt-who configure Revision 49084311 (foreman_virt_who_configure): Fixes #19981 - Adds description to roles (#91)


06:22 AM virt-who configure Bug #22123 (Closed): Rename hammer virt-who-config option --satellite-url to --satellite-server
Closing this as bugzilla has been closed from which this issue was created.


09:01 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #22229 (Closed): foreman-maintain not checking disk space during health check or upgrade check
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|d632ddeacb415b228886f3352999adf9b4a0fa0f.
08:45 AM Foreman Maintain Revision d632ddea (foreman_maintain): Fixes #22229 - Check For Available Disk Space


01:18 PM Katello Bug #24889: Docker repository sync on FIPS system fails with TypeError: can't quote ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess
Peter Ondrejka wrote:
> Testing on CentOS 7.5 with FIPS environment enabled using katello-3.9.0-8.el7.noarch, docker...
11:02 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #23563: Proactively check and correct the host setting under cli_config.yml to use fqdn instead of localhost
Kavita Gaikwad wrote:
> Cloned from
> *Description of prob...


09:34 AM Kafo Bug #24788 (Duplicate): The kafo configure is generating incorrect 'foreman-proxy-client-bundle.pem' which is not allowing httpd service to start
Marking this as duplicate of . As I am not getting any option to move th...
09:27 AM Installer Bug #24974 (New): The kafo configure is generating incorrect 'foreman-proxy-client-bundle.pem' which is not allowing httpd service to start
Steps to reproduce,
1. Create a external smart proxy certs tarball using foreman-proxy-certs-generate,


12:57 PM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #20723: Schedule before time not shown on job invocation details page
Adam Ruzicka wrote:
> Cloned from
> *Description of proble...

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