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Foreman Developer 01/09/2019
Installer Developer 01/09/2019
Packaging Developer 01/09/2019
SELinux Developer 01/09/2019
Smart Proxy Developer 01/09/2019
Salt Manager, Developer 05/03/2019



04:43 PM Foreman Bug #37193 (Ready For Testing): Pull provider installation template crash
This Bernhard Suttner
01:54 PM Foreman Feature #37119: Allow toggling all desired power states on host detail page
I think, one major reason why not all actions are on the host details page is, that its getting to complicated. Keep ... Bernhard Suttner
11:58 AM Katello Feature #37191 (Ready For Testing): It should be possible to upload a package / repos profile from UI
Sometimes its necessary to force a package profile upload from host to foreman/katello.
Bernhard Suttner


08:30 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #37166 (New): Get rid of type nil host statuses
Sometimes this happens during deleting a host:
PG::ForeignKeyViolation: ERROR: update or delete on table "hosts" v...
Bernhard Suttner


05:26 PM Katello Bug #37111 (Closed): A lot of COUNT() SQL queries on the content view page
A lot of extra COUNT sql queries are shown if you go on the content view index page. Bernhard Suttner
02:41 PM Katello Bug #37109 (Closed): Enable eager loading on CV latest_version_object
Allow touse eager loading on content view latest version object Bernhard Suttner
11:43 AM Katello Bug #37108 (Ready For Testing): content_view_components is not preloaded in content_view controller
This can reduce the amount of queries. Bernhard Suttner


10:00 AM Katello Bug #37052 (Ready For Testing): Wrong tracer types for debian / suse
The debian / suse tracer are using the wrong tracer types.
Instead of systemd is should be deamon.
Bernhard Suttner


10:27 AM Katello Bug #36996 (Closed): Configuration rebuild failed for: Content_Host_Status and Refresh_Content_Host_Status.

When I attempt to rebuild a hosts configuration via hammer (or via the web UI) I get the following error:
Bernhard Suttner


08:15 AM Katello Feature #36973 (Ready For Testing): Use dnf needs-restarting to collect tracer information
I’m currently analyzing an isuse, that a tracer information is shown, that rsyslog need to be restarted, but it’s not... Bernhard Suttner

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