Arnaud Sourioux




04:09 PM Foreman Bug #743: Modifiyng domain between smart-proxy managed and non-smart-proxy managed gives error
the error message I wrote in the report is the one from the Web UI
the smart proxy logs are saying approximately the ...
04:05 PM Foreman Bug #745: PXELinux <%= %>
when i acces this way /unattended/template/$template_name/$hostgroup the <%= %> is the hostgroup name
04:00 PM Foreman Feature #748: dhcpd leases
Yes I see that foreman was using omshell
and today I saw that xCat (IBM cluster management product)
was also working ...
03:32 PM Foreman Bug #750 (Resolved): Dhcpd : unused_ip file value
When i set a subnet for a host,
it finds a corresponding IP by retrieving the unused_ip file from Sinatra
but if i un...
03:28 PM Foreman Bug #749 (Closed): Dhcpd range value not used?
I set a smart proxy to manage my dhcpd
but when it tries to find an ip for my hosts,
the IPs aren't in the range I se...
03:25 PM Foreman Feature #748 (Closed): dhcpd leases
at this time with the smart-proxy
the hosts adress reservations are wrotten to the dhcpd.leases
but it could be bett...
03:18 PM Foreman Bug #747 (Closed): Selecting hosts out of sync gives pop up error
When I click on the "Host out of sync" from the dashboard
I am redirected to the Host out of sync page
but when I cli...
03:15 PM Foreman Feature #746 (Closed): Generate all the Host template when click on Build to avoid errors during installation
When I click on build only the PXELinux template is parsed,
so if there is an error in my others templates, such a p...
03:12 PM Foreman Bug #745 (Duplicate): PXELinux <%= %>
When I use the <%= %> var in my PXELinux file
the template is correctly generated if I acces it from : /un...
03:09 PM Foreman Bug #744 (Duplicate): Preseed <%= root_pass %>
The value of the <%= root_pass %> var isn't allways the same
when i try to access my template from : /unattended/temp...

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