Tomáš Strachota





11:01 PM Katello Bug #21045 (Closed): Ensure dates are printed consistently with core
Applied in changeset commit:katello|c9ad1a640dca56531a592f026e5d1f9d2a686106.
10:06 PM Katello Revision bf0634de (katello): Refs #21045 - Date renamed to IsoDate
10:06 PM Katello Revision 4021cb1c (katello): Refs #21045 - unnest dates props
10:06 PM Katello Revision c9ad1a64 (katello): Fixes #21045 - React components for formatting dates
Adds angular directives that use react components from the foreman
to provide consistent date and time formatting.


09:01 AM Foreman Feature #21312 (Closed): Foreman should provide react components for formatting dates
Applied in changeset commit:bc486dd62734be908cd3f95da1352cc1944eb34b.
08:25 AM Foreman Revision 96cf8404 (foreman): Refs #21312 - updates in stories around dates
- it uses Asia/Jerusalem timezone
- fix initial date to make it compatible with Firefox
08:25 AM Foreman Revision 5f911c19 (foreman): Refs #21312 - use existing cli parameters in webpack config
08:25 AM Foreman Revision 02e1b5d6 (foreman): Refs #21312 - exclude *_core gemfiles
08:25 AM Foreman Revision 221d5717 (foreman): Refs #21312 - docs on entry points
08:25 AM Foreman Revision 6b36fa72 (foreman): Refs #21312 - make language regex in webpack config DRY

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