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01:01 AM Foreman Refactor #25542 (Closed): Unify look of stories in the storybook
Applied in changeset commit:d350e9c1402c576c06105476076c1b2e0088028f.
12:48 AM Foreman Revision 9af026f4: Refs #25542 - Move page chunks into their own section
12:48 AM Foreman Revision d350e9c1: Fixes #25542 - Unify look of the storybook
12:48 AM Foreman Revision b0a9b86b: Refs #25542 - lint fixes


09:29 AM Hammer CLI Feature #22253 (Assigned): Extend option validators to validate resolved options
09:23 AM Foreman Bug #25585 (Need more information): Unclear error when not specifying the 'image_id' under --compute-attributes section
Thanks for reporting that, Shira. Is this a client side issue? If the unclear error is coming from API then we should...
09:14 AM Hammer CLI Feature #25589: [RFE] hammer <option> create --input json - possible Foreman clone
This is a nice feature indeed and I've been thinking about something similar long time ago. We might need to create a...


03:16 PM Foreman Refactor #25542 (Closed): Unify look of stories in the storybook
A lot of stories contain styling with custom spacing which makes them visually different. The look of stories should ...


04:01 PM Katello Refactor #24577 (Closed): Use Foreman's Empty State component
Applied in changeset commit:katello|03a0d0ac713405a74e33463c5705ee76e4ef1f5f.
03:45 PM Katello Revision 03a0d0ac (katello): Fixes #24577 - Use EmptyState component from the Foreman

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