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08:47 AM Katello Bug #23972: hammer doesn't show "release-version" and "service-level" for "activation-key"
Bugs from hammer-cli-katello should be reported in project Katello, category Hammer.
08:41 AM Hammer CLI Bug #23979: hammer fact list: 'organization' not recognized for searching!
This is imho an API issue. Apidoc mentions organization_id in the parameters and hammer correctly uses it. Therefore ...
08:32 AM Hammer CLI Bug #23996: Hammer ask for password though -p option when user changing current password
Btw it's possible to use the password from -p only when --login == the current user from -u or settings. It's not alw...
07:43 AM Hammer CLI Bug #23993 (Need more information): Filtering of some entities does not work
The issue description doesn't mention what commands are actually broken. Waiting for more information form the origin...


08:48 AM Hammer CLI Bug #23918: Unable to associate organization with location (regression 1.18)
It needs further investigation but it seems to be an API problem.
Hammer correctly finds the location by name and ...


11:01 PM Katello Refactor #23475 (Closed): RH Subscriptiosn: stop bulk search polling to prevent foreman's brute f...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|fd5efcdaaf472c3d8d759fae2b7fa27c5f530c4b.
10:56 PM Katello Revision fd5efcda (katello): Fixes #23475 - stop polling tasks on unauthorized request
08:24 AM Templates Bug #23901: CLI getting 404 on import-templates
The CLI plugin works with foreman-templates 5.0.2 and higher. There were some server-side changes that the CLI depend...


08:16 AM Hammer CLI Bug #17250: Unable to remove all locations or organizations from a domain
It might have been fixed as a part of:


07:23 AM Katello Bug #23847: Resusts of index requests ordered by a field that's not in scoped search returns empt...
Even though it's been originally reported in hammer, the issue is Katello specific and exists in the API. I'm changin...

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