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12:51 PM Hammer CLI Bug #17304: hammer os: unify --description vs. --title for its subcommands
I closed the issue. Feel free to re-open if it causes troubles and you feel it should be fixed.
12:49 PM Hammer CLI Bug #17304 (Closed): hammer os: unify --description vs. --title for its subcommands
Normally I'd say keep this open to track the issue. In this case I think we can close it too. Even though it might no...


01:57 PM Hammer CLI Bug #24980 (Ready For Testing): Single reference fields are wrongly rendered in yaml and json
When there's a single reference in command's output definition, yaml and json output adapters print the whole root da...
01:49 PM Hammer CLI Bug #23238 (Duplicate): hammer hostgroup info --output json returns json including non unique keys
08:24 AM Katello Bug #18341: API sort hash is not working, but sort_by and sort_order are working but undocumented
I mixed section headings when I was reporting the bug. Sorry for that, it's fixed now.
08:15 AM Hammer CLI Tracker #24973 (New): Tracker for missing documentation
08:07 AM Hammer CLI Bug #24183 (Resolved): Cannot add location to organizations via CLI
Closing as resolved. Thanks Akshay!


12:51 PM Foreman Bug #24958 (Ready For Testing): Add js sourcemaps for production webpack builds
At the moment webpack is configured to generate sourcemaps only for devel environments. Sourcempas in separate files ...
10:36 AM Hammer CLI Bug #6935: hammer should use the tty for the interactive output to allow output redirection
For the potential future committer of a fix, some howto on working with /dev/tty is here:
10:15 AM Hammer CLI Bug #6318 (Resolved): Hammer CLI output in CSV returns Operating System and Host Group as empty strings
This has been fixed in one of the past releases. Listing hosts in csv works fine in hammer-cli 0.14 and hammer-cli-fo...

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