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04:54 PM Foreman Bug #10213 (Duplicate): Stats graph truncates long OS descriptions.
In the stats graph, if you have a OS with a long name, such as "CentOS Linux 7.1.1503", it will shorten the string to... Brian Gupta


06:04 PM Foreman Refactor #2232: Can we speed up loading of Host overview page.
We're seeing this even when keeping only a week of reports. Brian Gupta


05:31 AM Website Revision 2f0635aa (theforemanorg): Added sponsor logo: brandorr.jpeg
Brian Gupta


02:33 PM Foreman Bug #2026: Created new org, and can't see any hosts.
Mmm. I don't remember what this was. Seems like something more people would be reporting if it was still an issue. Gu... Brian Gupta


09:56 PM Foreman Feature #3186 (New): Improve puppet class importer error reporting, and allow environment specific overrides
When importing classes, if any of the environments have an issue, foreman throws a stack track that's pretty generic:... Brian Gupta


05:34 PM Smart Proxy Feature #1224: DNSMadeEasy/Foreman/SmartProxy integration
Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> another design question now: with dnsmadeeasy you apparently need to RESTfully write directly...
Brian Gupta


11:56 PM Smart Proxy Feature #1224: DNSMadeEasy/Foreman/SmartProxy integration
Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> This seems like it's actually pretty easy, however I have a quick implementation question:
> ...
Brian Gupta


05:06 AM Website Revision 9d959acf (theforemanorg): merge pull request: Linkify issue tracker URLs.
Brian Gupta


01:15 AM Website Revision 71624077 (theforemanorg): Changed the issue tracker urls to be preceeded with wiki.+URL
Brian Gupta
12:59 AM Website Revision ef7ba476 (theforemanorg): Added link to issue tracker to contribute page
Brian Gupta

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