Samir Jha





06:57 PM Katello Feature #29304 (Closed): [cv table] Create actions dropdown and the modal opening framework
06:56 PM Katello Bug #31956 (Resolved): Ansible collection repositories should display the galaxy endpoint
06:55 PM Katello Bug #31926 (Resolved): Dont need to chomp trailing / in ansible remote url


12:56 PM Katello Feature #32574 (Ready For Testing): Add functionality to publish and promote content view in one API call
We need an API endpoint to use on the UI along with the orchestration to publish a CV and promote the published versi...


01:01 PM Katello Bug #32162 (Closed): New Content View page: Back button doesn't work to return to list
Applied in changeset commit:katello|c72adddbd939ad374f3feea67e67e4b47d12d181.
12:58 PM Katello Revision c72adddb (katello): Fixes #32162 - Back button doesn't work to return to list (#9332)


07:30 PM Katello Feature #32509 (New): CV UI - Add Promote workflow to new CV UI (Component CVs)
Add functionality to support promoting Content Views in the new UI.
Mockup link:


06:08 PM Katello Bug #32283 (Closed): New Content View Page - CV List page env and version expandable columns
Applied in changeset commit:katello|d2af4f53a56cf4e69ffe25799b3da1df6baa8b33.
05:53 PM Katello Revision d2af4f53 (katello): Fixes #32283 - Implement new CV index page mockup (#9305)
04:06 PM Katello Bug #31930 (Rejected): Turning ssl verify to false in katello doesnt flow to pulp
This is fixed. Can't reproduce this any more. Closing this out.

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