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07:01 PM Katello Bug #35073 (Closed): Attempt to disable a Red Hat Repository fails with error "Cannot delete record because of dependent library_instances_inverse" if the repository is part of any CV versions in Satellite 6.10
Applied in changeset commit:katello|e1982b2c9bcccc049f297de8e01dcc61e070d2b8.
06:09 PM Katello Revision e1982b2c (katello): Fixes #35073 - Cannot delete record because of dependent library_instances_inverse (#10168)
01:01 PM Katello Feature #34929 (Closed): As a user, I can view ACS details
Applied in changeset commit:katello|9c54e9d26d9a9d176fbc02c1ff290d00b08fc9bb.
12:27 PM Katello Revision 9c54e9d2 (katello): Fixes #34929 - ACS details UI (#10159)


04:54 PM Katello Feature #35111 (New): Add support to add repos to sync plans with Foreman ansible modules.
Extend the sync plan module in FAM today to accept repositories.
Allow setting type on the Sync plan record.
04:53 PM Katello Feature #35110 (New): UI - Add sync plan info on Repository details UI
This is on an angular page that the repository details uses.
Add the sync plan info from Repository type sync plan...
04:51 PM Katello Tracker #35109 (New): Add Run/Delete action on sync plans UI
This will go in actions on rows in index page and on Details view of sync plans. Similar to publish/promote actions i...
04:49 PM Katello Feature #35108 (New): UI - Sync plan details page
Mimic CV UI views and implement current sync plans UI in React.
2 tabs:
i) Info tab
ii) Products or Repository...
04:47 PM Katello Feature #35107 (New): UI - Create form for new sync plans with option to choose type and all current fields.
Create form for new sync plans with option to choose type and all current fields.
Follow the CV create form example.
04:46 PM Katello Feature #35106 (New): UI - Index page for sync plans in React
Mimic other index pages we have in React > Example CV UI.
Reach out to Maria for possible mockups/ clarifications ...

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