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05:55 PM Katello Feature #27268 (Ready For Testing): [Pulp-ansible] Expose ansible collections API endpoints
We need to expose API and UI viewing for contents of ansible collection type at the repo level and org-wide.
05:36 PM Katello Bug #26767: Empty repository list when using bulk action for Manage Repository Sets
Hey Marco,
Could you check this endpoint:


06:11 PM Katello Feature #27203 (New): Add hammer support for ansible collection content
We need to support CLI support for contents of ansible collection type.
06:09 PM Katello Feature #27202 (Ready For Testing): Support API/UI for ansible collection content across an organization
We need to support API and UI viewing for contents of ansible collection type.
03:04 PM Katello Bug #27198 (New): UI sends malformed API request upon enabling *first* redhat repo
The API call made to get enabled repos is possibly malformed and looks like /katello/api/v2/repositories?organization...


03:12 PM Katello Bug #26079 (Closed): Move RemoveUnneededRepos out of capsule sync and into delete_orphaned_content rake task


04:58 PM Katello Bug #27169 (Closed): Allow rake task delete_orphaned_content to accept smart proxy as argument
Based on a request in BZ:
We should allow passign smart proxy i...


08:33 PM foreman-tasks Bug #27091 (Closed): Hourly Scheduled sync plan executed every minute on upgraded Satellite VM's(6.4.z to 6.5 GA).
Cloned from
*Description of problem:* Hourly Scheduled sync p...


07:08 PM Katello Feature #26809 (New): Support chunked uploads for file to pulp3
Filing this to track chunked uploads of content to pulp3.


04:25 PM Katello Bug #26734 (Closed): No syncable repositories found for selected products and options. (RuntimeError)
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
Satellite 6.5, snap 25...

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