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05:57 AM Foreman Revision a6c3b457 (foreman): Added new changelog entry for Foreman 0.4.2 Debian package
Jochen Schalanda


10:29 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Debian-Ubuntu_installation_by_packages (#2)
Jochen Schalanda
05:04 AM Foreman Bug #1462 (Rejected): Debian repo uses release types (eg. stable) not release names (eg. squeeze)
We've deliberately chosen the naming scheme for the repository. The "distribution" part (nightly, testing, stable) re... Jochen Schalanda


11:03 AM Foreman Bug #1367: Ensure all gems are defined in Bundler Gemfile
Ohad Levy wrote:
> True, but bundler has two reposibilties, it download and require the gem, so AFIAK, if its not in ...
Jochen Schalanda
09:55 AM Foreman Bug #1367: Ensure all gems are defined in Bundler Gemfile
Short relevant discussion on
Jochen Schalanda


09:12 AM Foreman Revision d788da4f (foreman): Added conditional gem dependency declaration for ruby-debug/ruby-debug19
* 'ruby-debug' doesn't work with Ruby 1.9 since it depends on
'linecache' which depends on 'rbx-require-relative'...
Jochen Schalanda
08:54 AM Foreman Revision ab49f020 (foreman): Added new changelog entry for Foreman 0.4.1 Debian package
Jochen Schalanda
08:29 AM Foreman Wiki edit: VMware_ESXi (#20)
Fixed markup Jochen Schalanda
07:49 AM Smart Proxy Revision 95c7ce73: Added new changelog entry for Smart-Proxy 0.3.1 debian package
Jochen Schalanda


03:15 PM Foreman Revision 71af3b49 (foreman): Updated Debian package specification after release of Foreman 0.4
Jochen Schalanda

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