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10:04 PM Katello Revision fa1f9621 (katello): Fixes #21953: Adding enable/disable and search bar
This adds the ability to search through enabled
repositories and repository sets.
Dan Seethaler


10:10 PM Katello Revision fdddce0c (katello): Fixes #22254 - Add autocomplete component
Changed the component name to TypeAhead as recommended
by patternfly. This component will eventually be merged
into p...
Dan Seethaler


10:07 PM Foreman Feature #21604 (Closed): Add react based search box
This component is moving into the patternfly-react library - see Dan Seethaler
10:05 PM Katello Feature #22254 (Duplicate): Add autocomplete component
Duplicate of #21604 Dan Seethaler


01:56 AM Katello Revision cd6708ee (katello): Fixes #22275 - Connect real API endpoints
Add error handling to repositorySetRepositories component
Remove mocks for:
- repository sets
- available repository...
Dan Seethaler


03:36 PM Katello Feature #22300 (Resolved): Add pf pagination to rh-repos page
Dan Seethaler


04:31 PM Katello Bug #22275 (Closed): Hook up live api for RH Repos page
Remove mocks for
- repository sets
- enabled repositories
- repository set repositories
- search autocomplete res...
Dan Seethaler


05:08 PM Katello Feature #22254 (Closed): Add autocomplete component
Add an autocomplete component that renders the provided dropdown items. Dan Seethaler


09:26 PM Katello Revision e447a675 (katello): Fixes #21954 - Visual improvements
Updates patternfly-react to fix action alignment issues
Adds background color to Enabled Repositories container
Adds ...
Dan Seethaler


04:22 PM Katello Feature #22202 (Closed): Repository Set Search auto complete api
We need an api endpoint to search for repositories on the RH Repositories page. Dan Seethaler

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