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05:08 AM Foreman Bug #9186 (Closed): Multinic migration db skiped for unmanaged hosts
It seems that multinic migration db is not done for unmanaged hosts.
We have errors during chef facts import like :
Romain Vrignaud


08:09 AM foreman-tasks Feature #8130: Add support of async puppet / chef report processing
Ivan Necas wrote:
> Btw. do you use both puppet and chef in your infra: there are different requirements for the fac...
Romain Vrignaud


05:57 AM Chef Bug #8968 (Closed): Race condition during facts importing
On a ~100 hosts deployment with foreman_chef and foreman-tasks, we see about 30% error rate of fact uploading...
Romain Vrignaud
04:20 AM Chef Feature #8966 (Closed): Rebuild a node should trigger a client deletion on chef-server
When we ask to rebuild a node, it should be very usefull to delete client (not the node) on chef-server.
We assume t...
Romain Vrignaud


04:40 AM Chef Bug #8766 (Duplicate): Chef reports do not create host in correct environment
It seems that when Foreman get a chef report from unknown host, it creates the host in the default Foreman environmen... Romain Vrignaud


03:50 AM foreman-tasks Feature #8144 (Closed): Add a purge mechanism for tasks
I'm currently using foreman-tasks to process facts (from foreman_chef) uploading (and hopefully reports one day).
Romain Vrignaud


09:39 AM foreman-tasks Feature #8130 (New): Add support of async puppet / chef report processing
When using foreman_chef with a few nodes, we really need to process reports and facts asynchronously.
Facts ...
Romain Vrignaud


05:05 AM Foreman Bug #8111 (New): Openstack networking doesn't allow to set one DNS name per interface
Networking for Openstack Compute Resource is only managed in virtual machine tab,
it allows to add multiple network ...
Romain Vrignaud


01:08 PM Foreman Revision f7e359c9 (foreman): Fixes #5754 Fix cloud-init phone_home function
Romain Vrignaud


06:27 AM Foreman Bug #4521: Openstack boot from volume
I'm available for test on Icehouse installation if needed. Feel free to ping me :) Romain Vrignaud

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