Bug #22838

Double-initialization of dynflow in core and foreman-tasks causes race-condition with ActiveRecord database connection

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Target version:Foreman - Team Ivan Iteration 29
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Found in release: Pull request:https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-tasks/pull/317
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During the initialization process, we ensure the size of the db pool is sufficient for the executors.

However, we run this twice (once from foreman, second from foreman-tasks). What can happen is:

1. the foreman initializes the world, as part of initialization, there are already some tasks being triggered
2. in the meantime, the foreman-tasks initialization runs as well (https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-tasks/blob/7434c95681f56f2295c82d46ad4a9590fb4763ff/lib/foreman_tasks/engine.rb#L149), and part of the initialization is re-connection of the ActiveRecord::Connection https://github.com/Dynflow/dynflow/blob/cc7c854c5d4c7ee5db883d9f8e285c9db573d83b/lib/dynflow/rails/configuration.rb#L93
3. during the short time, between disconnecting and connecting, there can be something in the tasks running, that requires the active record connection
4. it leads to "No connection pool with 'primary' found" error

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Revision ac217465
Added by Ivan Necas 3 months ago

Fixes #22838 - avoid double-initialization of Dynflow runtime (#317)

Since Foreman 1.17, we're already doing it in core. Repeating this in
here was causing race-conditions around ActiveRecord connection.


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