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06:57 AM Installer Revision 6347fb11 (puppet-foreman): Remove redundant directory definition
The standard puppetlabs-vhost already generates a directory location for
the docroot with a Require all granted. It a...


03:45 AM Installer Revision 524062cd (puppet-dns): Consistent indenting


03:57 PM Installer Bug #16913: Validate format of dhcp-range option
Looks like theforeman-dhcp doesn't use Puppet 4 types and theforeman-foreman_proxy accepts String. We could narrow th...
03:54 PM Installer Bug #6178: The installer should use puppetlabs modules where possible
I'd like to merge theforeman-dhcp into voxpupuli-dhcp (formerly puppetlabs-dhcp) but we still need to merge quite a b...


06:34 PM Installer Tracker #18471 (Ready For Testing): Drop Puppet 3 support
Given all our modules dropped Puppet 3 and are using Puppet 4 I think we can close this. Looks like I don't have perm...
06:32 PM Installer Bug #16250: Installer fails when alternate directory is defined
Currently it's marked as an advanced parameter so I think it's OK to close this.
06:28 PM Installer Bug #17595: foreman-installer does not check for correct values in DNS/DHCP providers
In a way we already have this thanks to Dominics patch that verifies the smart proxy is registered with the DHCP feat...


02:00 PM Installer Bug #19550: Set SSL username when supplied from the client
While this was an accidental feature, wouldn't Foreman support this too if we add an additional location?
07:36 AM Katello Refactor #19563 (Closed): Remove pulp.conf hooks from the installer
https://github.com/Katello/puppet-pulp/commit/b7953f1603f527ca2fea79e03867a9355e2723ca ensures pulp.conf always has a...
03:29 AM Installer Revision 11612c87 (puppet-foreman): Use the vhost additional_includes parameter

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