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06:35 PM Packaging Revision ba249001 (foreman-packaging): Use more modern RPM macros in foreman-proxy.spec
* Use systemd macros where possible
This follows https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Scriptlets#Systemd
* Remo...
05:23 PM Packaging Revision ebdb7be1 (foreman-packaging): Move katello nodejs dependencies
These are only needed by katello so they should live in the katello
10:33 AM Foreman Bug #23365 (Ready For Testing): Foreman shows an error if .env doesn't exist when starting in dev...


08:13 PM Installer Revision 12792515 (puppet-foreman): Refs #22559 - Add parameters for structured logging


06:08 PM Packaging Revision 73175f21 (foreman-packaging): Add the el7-tfm-ror51 repo to el7-scl.cfg
04:12 PM Installer Revision b04778a1 (puppet-foreman): Introduce a defined type for hammer plugins
04:12 PM Installer Revision c383907b (puppet-foreman): Add classes for hammer cli commands
02:34 PM Packaging Revision 74d4421c (foreman-packaging): Remove ruby-foreman-host-rundeck
11:10 AM Foreman Bug #23223 (Ready For Testing): foreman-installer --reset fails to drop database


02:38 PM Packaging Revision 7cfaefee (foreman-packaging): Remove foreman_host_rundeck
This plugin hasn't seen an update in a long time. Even though version
0.0.3 has been released in December 2015, we're...

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