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Reported issues: 51


06:56 AM Installer Support #20123 (Rejected): PuppetDB support enables on every update
This is by design how the installer works and changing it would be a lot of work though you could use remove your ans...


09:51 AM Packaging Bug #18123: Package conflict rubygem-multipart-post with EPEL7
I submitted https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-packaging/pull/1724 to revert this.
09:26 AM Katello Refactor #20298 (Closed): Remove the ruby build dependency from katello-repos
It uses ruby for a single line that could also be done in Python which is already a build dependency.


06:46 AM Installer Bug #20282 (Need more information): Provide a more secure apache ssl.conf sslciphersuite configur...
We could use the modern cipher suite from https://mozilla.github.io/server-side-tls/ssl-config-generator/ but could y...


05:05 PM Smart Proxy Refactor #20236 (Closed): Unify the DNS conflict detection code
Currently there's quite a bit of duplication between the *_record_conflicts methods. They can be simplified with more...


08:10 AM Foreman Feature #19968 (Ready For Testing): Easy seeding for development environments
When you're getting started with a development environment it's very empty. Especially for new developers this can be...


07:15 AM Installer Bug #19726 (Rejected): "The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a tr...
By design we install the puppet CA signed certificate. The foreman-server-ssl-* parameters can be used to set a diffe...
06:52 AM Installer Revision fa3c1770 (puppet-foreman): Fix a typo in documentation


06:57 AM Installer Revision 6347fb11 (puppet-foreman): Remove redundant directory definition
The standard puppetlabs-vhost already generates a directory location for
the docroot with a Require all granted. It a...


03:45 AM Installer Revision 524062cd (puppet-dns): Consistent indenting

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