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04:56 AM Foreman Feature #20562 (New): Add legend to statistics page (> 3 items)
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1468638
*Description of problem:*
(this bug is for the ...
04:35 AM Foreman Bug #20557: Foreman fails to load "hosts" list after update from 1.15.2 => 1.15.3
The RPM doesn't clear tmp:cache or tmp:sessions on upgrade - however it should restart the server which I thought wou...


03:11 PM Foreman Bug #20553 (Closed): <br /> tag is shown in apidoc
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1477482
*Description of problem:*
The warning about api d...


11:07 AM Katello Bug #20544 (Closed): sprockets 3.x requires SCSS assets to use .scss
Without using the proper extension, new versions of sass + sprockets won't compile assets.
It will simply not find ...
11:00 AM Foreman Bug #20543 (Closed): Override asset_path for sprockets in task
Sprockets runs on its own context in the task plugin_assets.rake since #20287. This means that the asset paths are no...
07:35 AM Smart Proxy Bug #20539 (Closed): foreman-debug shouldn't save private key
Currently foreman-debug adds everything in /etc/foreman-proxy to the tarball. Recently there was a fix in Foreman to ...
05:17 AM Foreman Refactor #20536 (Ready For Testing): Use sprockets3 syntax in plugin_assets.rake
sprockets 3 deprecates the use of environment.register_engine. We should instead register a transformer as per the mi...


12:58 PM Foreman Bug #20511 (Closed): Webpack config should look for nested node_modules
The current value of resolve.modules in config/webpack.config.js is "path.join....'node_modules')".
This value does...


06:12 AM Foreman Bug #20502 (New): Import environments asynchronously
Using ActiveJob it should be possible to import Puppet Environments asynchronously through the API


11:00 AM Foreman Bug #20499 (Ready For Testing): Import reports asynchronously
Configuration reports could be imported asynchronously trivially with ActiveJob and perform_later.

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