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04:29 AM Foreman Bug #21292 (New): Users authenticated via external sources (Kerberos) contain no default context/...
Upon login using an 'external' user (IdM, via REMOTE_USER). The user cannot do anything. I've even attempted to speci...


12:14 PM Katello Bug #21280 (New): Make error messages more verbose
*Description of problem:*
Error messages for specific pages do not contain field names in their description.


07:51 AM Foreman Bug #21176: Plugin#parameter_filter doesn't work properly with block argument
1.16 candidate?


07:08 AM Discovery Feature #21231 (New): Hammer create subnet with option Discovery capsule
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1370460
When creating a subnet via the hammer CLI, an opti...


10:01 AM Ansible Bug #21195 (Ready For Testing): Remove fixtures to fix core tests


11:10 AM Foreman Bug #21167 (Closed): ldap_fluff 0.4.7 needed in repos for netgroups
Thanks Trey. There was a problem when we built the repositories, it's now fixed and the right version of ldap_fluff c...
09:06 AM Foreman Bug #21167: ldap_fluff 0.4.7 needed in repos for netgroups
I see the repo is wrong (despite being in the wrong tag.. checking what's going on). However the Gemfile is correct (...


05:36 AM Foreman Feature #21163 (New): Go back to "Filters" instead of "Roles" index after adding a filter
*Description of problem:*
After submitting a new filter to the role in UI, user lands back at the Roles list. Ther...


12:41 PM Katello Bug #21140 (Duplicate): If you are in org foo, you cannot delete org bar if bar has systems in it.
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1424607
*Description of problem:*
If you are in org foo, ...


11:36 AM Installer Refactor #21006: Enable workaround for broken grub2 in RHEL 7.4
Lukas, Ewoud, 1.16 blocker?

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