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04:01 AM Kafo Feature #17396 (Closed): Installer '-d' option should be renamed, it does not mean debug
Applied in changeset commit:d02954348e8ed8d6d2daebd0442fc0f61b1b39d5.
03:54 AM Kafo Revision d0295434: fixes #17396 - remove the -d short option for dont-save-answers (#199)
Users are used to passing in -d to mean debug. The -d option maps
to dont-save-answers which has led to installer con...


10:01 AM Kafo Bug #16298 (Closed): Installer returns traceback when run as non-privileged user
Applied in changeset commit:66e6b27cebecc7cc3a0dca10b30357ddf19eb576.
09:23 AM Kafo Revision 66e6b27c: Fixes #16298 - Provide an error message if the answer file can not be written ...


05:43 PM Foreman Bug #15707: Add AWS Govcloud region to compute resource provider list
Shlomi, do you know what setting the user needs? Downstream says the user can see


09:41 AM Katello Bug #18571 (Ready For Testing): katello debug should not use known directory structures
katello debug uses a known directory pattern in /tmp which can cause a possible attack vector


05:01 PM Katello Bug #16386 (Closed): Email notification preference names are not localized
Applied in changeset commit:katello|119463cf11c7702e692bc3480c66dddbe282a7ff.
04:56 PM Katello Revision 119463cf (katello): Fixes #16386 - Mark notification names for translation


12:31 PM Katello Bug #16912 (Rejected): All services are set to start on runlevel 2 in EL6 environments
Downstream bug is closed.
07:01 AM Foreman Bug #18433 (Closed): 'data not available' for certain smart proxy features
Applied in changeset commit:a81a682eb7afbcaae7e06e43e51ffe8fff3d858b.

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