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06:44 AM Hammer CLI Bug #19358 (Assigned): Sessions does not work with RestClient < 1.8.0
When using session with RestClient 1.6.9 I'm getting...


08:01 AM Hammer CLI Bug #19083 (Closed): Do not require root access to install server CA certificate
Applied in changeset commit:849df823a4dc1cf8c29796a7cd263407905357b0.
07:17 AM Hammer CLI Revision 60dc74e2 (hammer-cli-foreman): Refs #19083 - Install server CA cert without root access
This patch updates the SSL verification error message according to the
related changes in Hammer core
07:15 AM Hammer CLI Revision 849df823: Fixes #19083 - Install server CA cert without root access
--fetch-ca-cert stores the cert into ~/.hammer/certs by default.
Hammer also sets the default ssl-ca-path to there. C...


06:57 PM Packaging Revision d876648c (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-apipie-bindings to 0.1.0


05:29 AM Hammer CLI Support #18930 (New): Document how to setup Hammer to auth with client cert
I configured foreman to auth user by client cert:
# in Settings/Authentication > Authorize Login delegation Yes


08:14 AM Kafo Revision 91ff7a59: Add Kafo execution schema to the docs (#201)


02:01 PM Katello Bug #17298 (Closed): Enable Process Recycling for Pulp Worker Processes
Applied in changeset commit:puppet-katello|59961f35197c0b28d7f6a593997907f3575d0932.
01:34 PM Katello Revision 59961f35 (puppet-katello): Fixes #17298 - Add max tasks per Pulp worker


07:49 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#424)

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