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03:02 PM Katello Bug #23309 (Closed): foreman-installer --reset does not work with remote Mongo DB
Applied in changeset commit:katello-installer|1aba38ff9ef35b700587546dfd3c1abf747137a2.
03:02 PM Katello Bug #20550 (Closed): backup & restore do not work with remote DB
Applied in changeset commit:katello-installer|81fcaa5fa6d9f166823538f9999a03afafcc3875.


02:04 PM Katello Bug #23337 (New): Add support for remote mongo with replicas
Currently --reset in the foreman-installer doesn't handle remote Mongo with replicas well. We need to connect to the ...
01:36 PM Katello Revision 1aba38ff (katello-installer): Fixes #23309 - support --reset for remote mongo
12:00 PM Katello Revision 81fcaa5f (katello-installer): Fixes #20550 - support --reset for remote postgres
10:23 AM Kafo Feature #23332 (New): Add param_value to HookContext
Usually we need to get param value or nil if the param is not defined.
We define helper method for this in the hoo...


08:50 AM Katello Bug #23309 (Closed): foreman-installer --reset does not work with remote Mongo DB
Installer is trying to reset the local Mongo DB even when it is configured to use remote DB


09:02 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #21740 (Closed): Reenable sync step fails when hammer is not properly configured
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|8b3e44a28019f5eb780a6c8d1319031d51ea680f.
09:02 PM Foreman Maintain Feature #22739 (Closed): formain-maintain fails to use hammer if config has host: localhost
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|8b3e44a28019f5eb780a6c8d1319031d51ea680f.
08:17 PM Foreman Maintain Revision 8b3e44a2 (foreman_maintain): Fixes #22739, #21740 - Maintain hammer configuration

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