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05:01 PM Installer Bug #21072 (Closed): API controllers newer than Apipie cache
Applied in changeset commit:puppet-foreman|742da1e59f6f701624e9974ce387a018d3773291.
04:24 PM Installer Revision 742da1e5 (puppet-foreman): Fixes #21072 - build apipie cache after plugins
Installation of the plugins can influence the API
and the apipie cache needs to be refreshed after that.
04:24 PM Installer Revision e16aa609 (puppet-foreman): Refs #21072 - removed unrelated test


05:07 PM Hammer CLI Revision fd63fbd4: Revert "Fixes #7451 - Review whitespace in extracted strings"
This reverts commit d45d3167ded92f9901ed809b9d801fb532f5924c.


08:37 PM Hammer CLI Bug #21768 (New): Support NIL values in searchable options
Currently setting the NIL (unset) values is supported only for common options. The searchable options won't resolve p...


12:01 AM Hammer CLI Bug #17252 (Closed): Unable to set empty parameter via hammer
Applied in changeset commit:cd5cc9d605f5a955ee249cf6630c1465c3a30451.


11:43 PM Hammer CLI Revision cd5cc9d6: Fixes #17252 - Allow empty parameters in hammer (#260)
* Fixes #17252 - Allow empty parameters in hammer
This change allows user to use nil as a valid value for an argumen...


12:25 PM Hammer CLI Bug #17252 (Assigned): Unable to set empty parameter via hammer
09:01 AM Hammer CLI Bug #20742 (Closed): Host reports command is dysfunctional
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-foreman|d9b0280b581f733151c238e66a641cbac57464e7.
08:44 AM Hammer CLI Revision d9b0280b (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #20742 - Make hammer host reports work
Added proper mapping of id and name options to search queries. Made host
parameter required. I found out there is no ...

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