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03:36 PM Katello Feature #21648: Red Hat Repositories: preload popular repository sets
I always thought it would be useful to cache results pulled from the cdn when expanding the repo sets. They don't cha...


03:22 PM Katello Bug #21285 (Closed): docker tags ui "next page" button only goes to page 1
can't reproduce


02:22 PM Katello Feature #21286 (New): docker image names are not allowed to have uppercase in them
When creating products, repositories, content-views, organizations, some sort of warning about case limitations for d...
01:48 PM Katello Bug #21285 (Closed): docker tags ui "next page" button only goes to page 1
Visit the docker tags page when there are several docker repos synced. My case there are 8 pages of tags. The next pa...
01:31 PM Katello Bug #21284 (Closed): content view filter repository selection table doesn't reflect correct selec...
To reproduce: Add a docker repo to a content view. Go to docker filters page, create a filter, add a rule. Go to affe...


04:48 PM Katello Bug #21258 (Closed): paged list on repo discovery shows too many per page
To reproduce, go to repo discovery on products page. Note that there are five empty rows (should be no rows). Try dis...
02:25 PM Katello Bug #21255 (Closed): lifecycle environments shown for a specific docker tag shows all tags
To reproduce, sync a docker repo, add it to a content view, promote it to a lifecycle environment. How choose one of ...


08:45 AM Katello Feature #20577: hypervisors that do NOT have a subscription attached should NOT be green under co...
It has been suggested that a third color, perhaps grey, would be more appropriate for hosts with no installed product...


04:01 PM Katello Bug #20026 (Closed): Missing GPGkey field while creating new product via repo discovery
Applied in changeset commit:katello|728016dbe2a4ba6fb3cbcd6fde9e1a3bac32b714.
03:46 PM Katello Revision 728016db (katello): fixes #20026 - gpg keys for repo discovery

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