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01:01 AM Katello Feature #21994 (Closed): Auto publish Composite if component updates
Applied in changeset commit:katello|580f7f808d9b06bbf5ee2f947e121008caf583f6.
12:47 AM Katello Revision 580f7f80 (katello): Fixes #21994 - Auto Publish composite
This commit contains code to auto publish a composite when a component
CV updates.
When a component cv publishes it c...


04:37 AM Foreman Feature #22624 (Ready For Testing): Add api support for user selectable columns
One of the desirable UI RFEs is to have support for "user selectable" columns. For example on pages like host list or...


03:01 PM Katello Bug #20022 (Closed): Add action to force remove metadata from a repo to fix sync problem
Applied in changeset commit:katello|13c3176abdf86ef61de7a3f2e899a1118ad8be10.
02:42 PM Katello Revision 13c3176a (katello): Fixes #20022 - Clear yummetadata on validate sync
Many users have hit issues with sync failing due to metadata corruption.
The sync with "Validate Contents" does thing...


09:01 PM Katello Revision 17159892 (katello): Fixes #22044 - fies CV with puppet publish
Due a rails 5.1 change. Publishing a content view with a puppet module
in it caused an ISE. This commit corrects that


03:01 PM Katello Bug #21612 (Closed): Missing repo in content view if "Publish via HTTP" is changed
Applied in changeset commit:katello|66ef3f91b66e75ea73342395e44757beddb3cfbb.
02:21 PM Katello Revision 66ef3f91 (katello): Fixes #21612 - Promote op performs distro publish
Previously commits added smarts on running the metadata operations on a
CV publish only if necessary. The code would ...


05:01 PM Katello Bug #22318 (Closed): Prefetch vmlinuz and initrd on sync
Applied in changeset commit:katello|23a9557a7cf3820aa96a571f29179dee9031ee06.
04:44 PM Katello Revision 23a9557a (katello): Fixes #22318 - Fetches pxe files on sync
This commit adds an extra step to the repository "sync" plan to directly
fetch initrd/vmlinuz in the case of a boota...

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