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10:41 PM Katello Bug #21745 (New): Cannot create an errata date filter with out setting both start and end dates
In previous versions of Katello one was able to create errata that said "Copy all packages belonging to errata issued...


07:29 PM Katello Bug #21727 (Ready For Testing): very slow publishing of a content view with filters containing m...
Description of problem:
Having a Content View with a filter that includes or excludes thousands of errata, an attemp...


09:01 PM Katello Bug #21692 (Closed): Docker Tag page missing manifest type
Applied in changeset commit:katello|84f5516f209a46fe80ccb280fa3dd622922e10d3.
08:04 PM Katello Revision 84f5516f (katello): Fixes #21692 - DockerTag Info shows Manifest Type
Commit 1fc82810ba25036abae9d7d2ce0caf5eb3b81956 introduced a minor error
in the DockerTag info screen. The Manifest T...
08:01 PM Katello Bug #21593 (Closed): `foreman-rake katello:upgrades:3.0:update_puppet_repository_distributors` un...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|240848e0dbc7c9c80958ac40397de5a94ea5f0a4.
07:06 PM Katello Revision 240848e0 (katello): Fixes #21593 - CV Puppet Env handles mirror on syc
A prior commit 4ba82967fe4efe2e60c4fe7dc82e02f7f6f90cca added mirror on
sync options for puppet repo but did not hand...
04:01 PM Katello Bug #21681 (Closed): Wrong docker tags copied over on publish
Applied in changeset commit:katello|9b45392b655ff0c6ab81b800b7e6007d3faafa03.
03:10 PM Katello Revision 9b45392b (katello): Fixes #21681 - CV Docker Filters selects correctly
Consider Content View with a Docker repo and Docker Tag filter that
says filter by Tag "goo". And assume that the sam...


10:01 PM Katello Bug #21569 (Closed): clean backend object takes a long time to run on a foreman instance with tho...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|a0aeddee4c57cfb61ef855611e3a40c295e754f4.
09:51 PM Katello Revision a0aeddee (katello): Fixes #21569 - Speed up clean backend objects
The clean backend objects rake task would loop through every host and
figure out if the candlepin and pulp ids were v...

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