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04:01 PM Katello Bug #20540 (Closed): Duplicate Unit Names in Smart-Proxy Sync after 3.4.4 upgrade
Applied in changeset commit:katello|a33d5ad2838390f873533606537b8f9b4430c0c7.
03:54 PM Katello Revision a33d5ad2 (katello): Fixes #20540 - properly detect CVPE during proxy sync


02:45 PM Katello Bug #20480 (New): API call for Applicable errata in host bulk action missing
02:21 PM Katello Bug #20533: Missing repos in products after an update to "katello-3.4.4-2"
Did you run 'foreman-installer --upgrade' after upgrading?
It looks like maybe the database was not migrated.
02:19 PM Katello Bug #20508: Extremely slow /api/v2/hosts, 200hosts/page takes about 40s to display
These rpm and errata counts have been optimized quite a bit, i think the only thing left is to cache these values on ...
02:15 PM Katello Bug #20526 (Need more information): Cant import or refresh manifest, cant sync red hat repos anymore
This could be a few different issues, but a 404 from candlepin suggests that maybe it is not running properly. Can y...
02:12 PM Katello Bug #20484: new packages are not available in lifecycle-environments after repo sync
This behavior is intentional and expected. The purpose of a Content View is to provide a snapshot that you ca...
09:37 PM Katello Bug #20532 (Ready For Testing): candlepin event listener does not release messages after error
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1440235
Description of problem:
The candlepin event li...


10:01 AM Katello Bug #20245 (Closed): Upgrading with an orphaned product/repository results in 404 Error on redhat...
Applied in changeset commit:katello-installer|a3d3a9c4d99bf50b6bbdf2b0f68ecda57acda0e7.
09:37 AM Katello Revision a3d3a9c4 (katello-installer): Fixes #20245 - run orphan product upgrade script

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