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01:01 PM Katello Bug #19120 (Closed): virt-who reporting fails with "No route matches [POST] /rhsm/hypervisors/Def...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|d5957b0b0909aaf10e5a61109f064240993df35a.
12:16 PM Katello Revision d5957b0b (katello): Fixes #19120 - support async hypervisor checkin
This supports two new end points for /rhsm:
POST /hypervisors/OWNER_LABEL - for the async hypervisor checkin
GET /job...


06:01 PM Bastion Bug #19380 (Closed): timeout during ci run
Applied in changeset commit:bastion|d59637062fe4a4b17348c70ee059f031d56ed4b3.
05:06 PM Bastion Revision d5963706 (bastion): Fixes #19380 - Adjust karma browserNoActivityTimeout
03:04 PM Bastion Bug #19380 (Closed): timeout during ci run
currently bastion_katello is failing with
25 04 2017 17:00:21.227:INFO [karma]: Karma v0.13.22 server...
02:35 PM Katello Bug #19379 (Ready For Testing): update to runcible 2.0
now that runcible 2.0 has been released, katello needs to update to it.
01:04 PM Katello Revision 3bbab085 (katello-packaging): Automatic commit of package [rubygem-runcible] minor relea...
Created by command:
/usr/bin/tito tag --keep-version
01:04 PM Katello Revision e4120e96 (katello-packaging): Update rest client requirement for runcible
12:48 PM Katello Revision 92fdfd7e (katello-packaging): Upgrade to runcible 2.0


08:21 AM Katello Bug #12331 (Resolved): Transient permission test failures
This is no longer an issue.

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