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09:22 AM Katello Bug #20089 (New): Remove old puppet modules from product that have been removed from the source r...
Description of problem:
Remove old puppet modules from destination that have been removed from the source repo


04:33 PM Katello Refactor #20078 (New): Create a scoped_search service
our api_controller scoped_search method is unruly. Breaking it out into a service should reduce the complexity.
02:55 PM Katello Bug #19736: Hammer/Katello allows for multiple versions of the same package
Katello could do something about this, but since the source of the problem is in pulp lets give them a bit more time.
02:50 PM Katello Bug #16544 (Need more information): Katello 3.x does not show Installable errata, only applicable
02:50 PM Katello Bug #17804 (Rejected): upgrade to 3.2.1 fails when pulpnode_enabled not defined
closing, as no users have complained about this.
02:35 PM Katello Bug #20073: After upgrade from 3.4 to 3.4.1 Can't sync redhat repos error [E] RPM1004
Can you upload your manifest to the foreman-debug rsync repo, or email it to
jsherril <~at~> redhat.com
maybe w...
02:32 PM Katello Bug #20065 (Need more information): NoMethodError: undefined method `hypervisor' for 539:Fixnum
02:31 PM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #20052: remote execution plugin fail after upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4.1
You may want to add more information, and upload a foreman-debug.
Moving to the remote-execution project.
02:27 PM Katello Bug #16434 (Rejected): Katello install instructions for version 3.0 do not work.
Closing as it seems you solved this using 3.1. Thanks!
02:23 PM Foreman Bug #20039: Can't change email settings in UI
Moving to foreman, as its not katello-specific.

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