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07:27 PM Katello Bug #23538: Intermittent smart proxy synchronization malfunction
Hi all,
To help diagnose this issue we have updated the runcible library to handle the logging error that you wer...
07:19 PM Packaging Revision 8167a087 (foreman-packaging): Runcible 2.8.1


07:01 PM Katello Bug #22917 (Closed): failing foreman test on devel setup when ran with katello enabled
Applied in changeset commit:katello|ef23f1d34c22cc621d13153f1d38fb6682159d2a.
06:48 PM Katello Revision ef23f1d3 (katello): Fixes #22917 - use a download policy if default is not set


06:33 PM Katello Bug #23588 (Closed): EL7 and EL6 client repositories for 3.6 have older versions
This should be resolved as part of 3.6.1. The unsigned packages can be found here in our staging repos: http://koji....
06:16 PM Katello Bug #23360 (Need more information): strange behaviour after upgrade 1.16.1 in katello , virt-who...
Mario, can you provide some production.log logs showing the virt-who checkins that foreman doesn't seem to care about?
05:46 PM Katello Bug #23538: Intermittent smart proxy synchronization malfunction
Could you provide a foreman-debug after one of the failures from both the foreman server and the smart proxy, as well...
05:44 PM Katello Bug #23539: "Undefined method 'enabled' for #" popup on smart proxy overview
Can you provide the traceback from /var/log/foreman/production.log after this happens?
05:35 PM Katello Bug #23455 (Need more information): Upgrade and migration 1.15.6 to 1.16.1 (with Katello) - Forem...
Josh, were you able to check that tar file?
04:50 PM Foreman Bug #23395 (Rejected): allow plugins to add additional fixtures
This is no longer needed.

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