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09:24 AM Hammer CLI Feature #19361 (Ready For Testing): Add description field to host group


09:28 AM Foreman Bug #19297 (New): New template associations are not select2
After creating the new fields, select2 should be initialized on them.
09:25 AM Foreman Bug #19296 (New): Template association remove link shows incorrect tooltip
Remove Parameter -> Remove Combination


03:34 AM Foreman Bug #19252 (Closed): Associating VM fails with unknown permission for compute_resources_vms#assoc...


03:17 AM Hammer CLI Feature #19172 (Closed): Add description field to subnets


09:09 AM Foreman Bug #19160 (Closed): bookmark documentation button link is wrong
04:47 AM Foreman Bug #19152 (New): Multiple update environment allows clearing environment for hosts connected to ...
Manually editing a host prevents clearing the environment field if the puppet master field is set.
However, using t...
02:55 AM Foreman Feature #19148 (Closed): Add comment field for subnets
to allow adding human-readable information on subnets.


10:31 AM Foreman Feature #19125 (Ready For Testing): Add description field to host group
To allow describing the hostgroup in human terms
06:09 AM Foreman Bug #19124 (Closed): faraday gem 0.12.0 has incorrect checksum on rubygems
faraday released a new version with corrected checksum.

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