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01:16 PM foreman-tasks Bug #21380 (New): help button is missing on tasks index pages
help_button helper only shows the button if welcome.html.erb exists, which doesn't exist for tasks and recurring logi...
01:06 PM foreman-tasks Bug #21379 (Ready For Testing): better truncation of task name on task index
currently it is hard-coded to 80. we should take advantage of the ellipsis class to correctly fit the name to the table.
12:55 PM foreman-tasks Feature #21378 (Ready For Testing): Add CSV export button to tasks page


08:50 AM Foreman Feature #21354 (New): Add tooltips to bring all colored icons in compliance with Section 508 stan...
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
We currently use color...
07:58 AM Foreman Bug #14959 (Rejected): Menu bar can take more than one line
This is no longer relevant as we switched to vertical navigation which doesn't have this issue.


01:52 PM Katello Bug #21345 (Closed): Allow unicode characters in certificates disabled the ability to pass certificates containing unicode characters (...


04:02 AM Foreman Bug #21088 (Closed): update default js deprecation version
1.16 is branched, js code deprecated now will be removed in 1.18.


07:56 AM Katello Feature #20979 (Closed): make the "Type" of a subscription a searchable unit
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
In environments with...
07:08 AM Foreman Bug #20962 (Duplicate): Disable autocomplete on LDAP account name


11:59 AM Foreman Feature #20973 (New): A non-admin users with view permissions are unable to view resource details...
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A non-admin user wit...

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