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09:40 AM Foreman Bug #19266: Foreman not starting because: Role is locked for user modifications.
Looks like the issue here is triggered by setting 'fix_db_cache' to true, as that triggers a save of all filters.


06:06 AM Foreman Bug #20099 (Duplicate): Passanger not starting after upgrading from 1.15.0 to 1.15.1 ( Centos 7.3 )


01:58 AM Foreman Feature #20072 (Assigned): API to fetch list of hosts without full host details


06:50 AM Foreman Feature #20072 (Ready For Testing): API to fetch list of hosts without full host details
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*Description of problem:*
A couple of users ha...


08:52 AM Ansible Bug #20060 (Closed): apidoc for single hostgroup run roles is a duplicate of multiple hostgroup r...


09:52 AM Katello Bug #20019: cache errata counts on objects
I would encourage not to rely on Rails' counter_cache for this, we've had very bad issues with deadlocks in core caus...
06:03 AM Katello Bug #20014 (New): [BUG] "Dashboard content host subscription status" widget shows incorrect info...
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*Description of problem:*
Dashboard, subscript...


09:09 AM Katello Feature #19954 (Ready For Testing): CSV export on Content Host page
02:58 AM Foreman Bug #19947 (New): Can't create bookmark for global parameters
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*Description of problem:*
It is not possible to ...


03:21 AM Foreman Feature #19934 (Closed): Prioritize attribute order in puppet classes limited to 255 chars
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*Description of problem:*
Prioritize attribute...

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