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06:07 AM Katello Bug #18979 (Ready For Testing): Latest errata widget host count isn't correctly pluralized
It always show "Hosts" even when it should be "1 Host".
03:58 AM Katello Bug #18811: Searching for future dates by day is not relative to today has been merged, will need to get a new version of scoped search...


08:57 AM Foreman Refactor #18961 (Duplicate): Reduce frequency of notification polling
Notifications poll every 10 seconds at the moment, this seems excessive and quickly fills the logs with requests.
I ...


08:13 AM Foreman Feature #18954 (Ready For Testing): Add CSV export to facts table
08:10 AM Foreman Feature #18762: Make export csv available on reports table
splitting this into one issue per table


09:00 AM Foreman Bug #18912 (Assigned): Hostgroup change does not affect host's attributes (OS, mirror, p. table) ...
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
We ran into this issue...
08:59 AM Foreman Bug #18911 (New): UI: Host add form, OS tab - arch, OS, media, p. table fields' labels suggest th...
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*


10:06 AM Bastion Refactor #18882 (Closed): remove es5-shim
All supported browsers should be fully es5 compliant, no need to shim.
10:05 AM Katello Refactor #18881 (Closed): remove jquery from katello
jquery is provided by foreman core, no need to carry it twice.
05:13 AM Katello Refactor #18874 (Closed): Remove jquery-ui-rails gem dependency
jquery-ui is provided by foreman core. This gem requirement blocks core from moving jquery-ui from bundled gem to a w...

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