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08:51 AM Foreman Bug #2956 (Duplicate): Autocompletion failure when adding class to host
I believe this was solved in 14636, closing as duplicate. please reopen if issue persists.
07:54 AM Foreman Bug #7146 (Resolved): Unable to LIKE (~) filter on classes (v1.5.2)
Tested with current develop (1.16). this works correctly.
07:54 AM Foreman Bug #2775 (Resolved): Search in /compute_resource without "name =" raise 500 error
Tested with current develop branch (1.16) and this works.
06:55 AM Foreman Bug #20667 (Ready For Testing): host page implicit search searches on useless values
e.g. searching for '10' will cause various searches that aren't needed, such as `("host_status"."status" >> 6 & 63) =...


09:55 AM Foreman Bug #20616: global variables: warn against dashes
Moving to correct project (website is for issues with
09:55 AM Foreman Bug #20617 (Duplicate): global variables: set the type
Setting to correct project and closing as duplicate.


10:10 AM Foreman Bug #20610 (Closed): browser fills in irelevant data in "Operating System" tab during New Host d...
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
When trying to Opera...


12:35 PM Installer Bug #20546 (Closed): Puppet vhost should allow setting SSLProtocols and SSLCipherSuite using para...
These are currently hard coded in the manifest
11:17 AM Installer Bug #20545 (New): Puppet vhost should default to using the same SSL settings as the apache module.
10:26 AM Smart Proxy Bug #20542 (Closed): link in settings.yml to cipher suite naming is broken
should point to

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