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06:10 AM Discovery Bug #21123 (Closed): Fact import code does not work
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_discovery|e2a51e6e55c71ed8a6fc9dbba882393eeded7666.


04:02 PM Foreman Refactor #15409 (Closed): Refactor (puppet) facts out of host classes.
Applied in changeset commit:715d097cbd058d171c8a2c65ad5d519d128d1123.


10:46 AM Katello Feature #21096 (New): Cache /rhsm/ and /rhsm/status/ requests
Right now a proxy requests the same resource ~120 times in 6 minutes.
If this request would be short-circuited at ...
02:01 AM foreman-tasks Refactor #19699 (Closed): Remove unnecessary monkey patching
Applied in changeset commit:bdd395f979dae458c0c49527e2a141d6670057a3.


11:01 AM Foreman Bug #21015 (Closed): API v2 - host and hostgroups should show all puppetclasses in child node
Applied in changeset commit:87b20d5e18aa7eafdcbaa1e67edafb276823a603.
06:04 AM Foreman Bug #13212: APIs for "taxed" objects only accept the full list of taxonomies
Since PATCH method is not implemented right now, we can argue whether addition of methods is a good reason to update ...


01:33 PM Foreman Bug #21015 (Closed): API v2 - host and hostgroups should show all puppetclasses in child node
currently they only show what is in host_classes or hostgroup_classes and not what is inherited or in config_groups.


08:56 AM Foreman Feature #20966 (Closed): Do not throw exception on API power requests for hosts that does not sup...
Instead of exception, return 4XX status with a message that indicates that the host does not support power operations.
04:39 AM Foreman Bug #20932: rake process dying with memory errors
Could you please export your trends and tren_counters tables data to a zip file, so I would be able to reproduce the ...


09:26 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#487)

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