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10:44 AM Foreman Bug #23072 (Ready For Testing): Fix usage of global stubbing in fact importer isolation
See for more i...


07:11 AM Foreman Bug #23012 (Closed): CoreOS provision template uses an udeclared method.
When you preview coreos provision template, it renders an error: "There was an error during rendering, return to the ...


12:38 PM Katello Bug #22894 (Closed): Make RHSM facts compatible with fact name filtering
Applied in changeset commit:katello|7346b4dc00d1e3839ca8cf02d63859f29d5c980e.


05:40 PM Katello Revision 7346b4dc (katello): Fixes #22894 - Modified RHSM fact importer for name filtering.


09:38 AM Katello Bug #22894 (Closed): Make RHSM facts compatible with fact name filtering
After, Foreman core facts mechanism knows how to filter fact names. It us...


01:07 PM Foreman Feature #22767 (New): Feature to truncate trend tables
Our satellite server is originally from 6.0 install when the product was released with close to 500 clients. None of ...


09:01 AM Foreman Feature #22069 (Closed): Display warning sign when versions of foreman and proxy don't match.
Applied in changeset commit:90906ab60d9fa6e81e9206f8d118b68e85ff116d.
08:56 AM Foreman Revision 90906ab6: Fixes #22069 - Add proxy version mismatch warning


11:02 AM Foreman Bug #19244 (Closed): Old interfaces are never removed from Foreman DB
Applied in changeset commit:41a56a22be1da6bba018bfe4fbaeeaeca95ec754.
10:48 AM Foreman Revision 41a56a22: Fixes #19244 - added clean interfaces rake task

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