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04:01 AM Foreman Bug #20066 (Closed): global params are not evaluated in ENC output
Applied in changeset commit:52e5776efc11560e8271040d2d202fb2095e1168.
03:34 AM Foreman Revision 52e5776e: Fixes #20066 - added safe renderer to global params


06:05 AM Foreman Wiki edit: How_to_Create_a_Plugin (#118)


04:51 AM Katello Refactor #20024: Improve performance of rhsm fact importer
There is a basic importer test that tests basic fact importing:


04:01 PM Katello Refactor #20024 (Closed): Improve performance of rhsm fact importer
Applied in changeset commit:katello|23d0802736dafae01b7c374e8e28aebf8def448d.
03:32 PM Katello Revision 23d08027 (katello): Fixes #20024 - Improved RhsmFactImporter to handle hierarchy
Now the importer inherits `StructuredFactImporter` which is
the base class to handle hierarchic facts. All it has to ...
11:25 AM Packaging Revision 8f4311a9 (foreman-packaging): Add get_process_mem package
06:01 AM Foreman Refactor #15711 (Closed): Remove inheritance from classification system and move type specific fu...
Applied in changeset commit:60cf5a375ca96eaf8a7b8b16b8c3cb817186c8a4.
05:09 AM Foreman Revision 60cf5a37: Fixes #15711 - Redesigned host info to providers.
Now you can add your own info by registering a
host method that will return info hash.


09:45 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#456)

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