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04:02 AM Website Revision 6ed0b6e8 (theforemanorg): Update bad styling in
In the manual the code quote is not working properly.


12:01 PM Foreman Bug #20929 (Closed): Huge table "fact_names" makes Foreman crawl
Applied in changeset commit:61b35ac1c5aa4809cd6f72a367e2020e6113d43b.
11:20 AM Foreman Revision 61b35ac1: Fixes #20929 - Added fact name filtering on import
Added a setting that will filter out fact names, so they won't be
recorded into `fact_names` and `fact_values` tables...


06:32 PM Foreman Bug #22080: uninitialized constant ActionView::Template::Handlers::Rabl
After a short investigation, I have found the reason for this bug.
TL;DR: ActionView::Base should be loaded before...
12:01 PM Foreman Bug #21868 (Closed): Rename "Troubleshooting" button to Documentation and update link
Applied in changeset commit:536799c3400c56f2fe38772bf64fd6be8c0810f8.
11:42 AM Foreman Revision 536799c3: Fixes #21868 - Refactored "troubleshooting" to docs link
For both VNC and SPICE console templates.


04:01 PM Foreman Bug #22074 (Closed): Leftovers from 5.1 upgrade in smart_proxies/show.html.erb
Applied in changeset commit:eba7678ba46e41e513c688208ea4b6f4803ce618.
03:11 PM Foreman Revision eba7678b: Fixes #22074 - fixed #parameterize call in smart proxy show
12:59 PM Foreman Bug #22074 (Closed): Leftovers from 5.1 upgrade in smart_proxies/show.html.erb
feature.parameterize call moved to named parameters.


08:26 PM Foreman Feature #22069: Display warning sign when versions of foreman and proxy don't match.
It looks like the main issue here is to know when the smart-proxy is not up to date.

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