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07:15 AM Foreman Bug #20437 (New): dev: listening on * does not seem to work
As described at
BIND=:: bundle exec foreman s
does not ...
06:57 AM Foreman Bug #20436 (New): Another db:seed failure
This looks similar to #20231 but not quiet. I had run db:seed succesfully with a later commit than 5a144e4bf516db2dff...


09:01 AM Ansible Bug #20389 (Closed): Support for Debian Sid
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_ansible|41542e83bf214dc8adbad9af57731337a6c54769.
08:53 AM Ansible Revision 41542e83 (foreman_ansible): Fixes #20389 - debian: unbreak adding debian/sid
Don't report a non numeric major version on debian sid
since this otherwise fails like
2017-07-23T15:39:32 0762...


02:49 AM Foreman Bug #20411 (New): Rebuild config does not rebuild realm entries
the very useful "rebuild config" option to rebuild DNS, DHCP, ... entries of a host does not seem to recreate re...


04:01 AM Foreman Bug #20386 (Closed): Should allow for non-resolvable hosts in trusted_puppet_master_hosts
Applied in changeset commit:17019913a6b7e89b71552501c3bd63057ac3518b.
03:49 AM Foreman Revision 17019913: Fixes #20386 - Allow to identify smart proxy by ip only
This allows setting trusted_puppet_master_hosts to an IP in the
non-https case. This can e.g. be useful when testing ...


02:26 PM Foreman Bug #20231 (Closed): rake db:seed fails
Michael Moll wrote:
> foreman core at 5a144e4bf516db2dff4ffb798ebeca19eccd624f should be fine (that was befor...


05:19 PM Ansible Bug #20389 (Closed): Support for Debian Sid
Debian sid doesn't encode a major version so we must construct one.
Since this otherwise fails like

05:13 PM foreman-tasks Bug #20388 (New): Fails to open database, which one?
Installing the nighlty debs including foreman_ansible on Debian Stretch gives me lots of
2017-07-23T23:09:30 [ap...

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