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02:18 PM Installer Revision 05f56797 (puppet-tftp): Fix `invalid byte sequence in UTF-8` error
Previously the catalog compiled, but did not apply. Applying the file
resource would fail with `invalid byte sequenc...


07:42 AM Installer Revision 4f07b5fa (puppet-puppet): Add `puppetserver_trusted_agents` parameter (#528)
I'm using octocatalog-diff to fetch catalogs from a puppetserver.
By default, agents can only fetch their own catalog...


04:22 PM Installer Revision b3475a6d (puppet-puppet): Add server_jvm_cli_args parameter
Sets the JAVA_ARGS_CLI variable in /etc/sysconfig/puppetserver
This environment variable gets used when `puppetserver...


05:04 PM Installer Revision 53a5997c (puppet-puppet): Fix `client_package` puppet type
This parameter gets passed to a Package resource. It should accept a
string or an array of strings.
09:35 AM Foreman Wiki edit: VMware_ESXi (#23)
Fixed "Informing Foreman that we are built" URL


06:36 AM foreman-tasks Bug #12464: 784: unexpected token in url
I'm hitting this too in 1.15.2 (although I think I initially created and ran the task when running 1.14.x)...


10:06 AM Foreman Bug #20271: Safe mode rendering does not correctly prevent using symbol to proc calls
This possibly should be reopened until is resolved.


09:37 AM Website Revision 97dddd3e (theforemanorg): Fix 1.15 release notes markdown rendering
Also remove duplicate contributors.


02:43 PM Installer Revision 2e58ea36 (puppet-foreman): Fix changes to config not restarting service
When `db_manage` and `db_manage_rake` are both set to `false`,
there are no resources in `Class['foreman::database']`...


09:58 AM Foreman Bug #17445 (New): Cloned vsphere host doesn't preserve 'SCSI controller' attribute.
I created a vsphere host with 'SCSI controller' type set to 'VMware Paravirtual'
When cloning, the controller type i...

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