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09:37 AM Website Revision 97dddd3e (theforemanorg): Fix 1.15 release notes markdown rendering
Also remove duplicate contributors.


02:43 PM Installer Revision 2e58ea36 (puppet-foreman): Fix changes to config not restarting service
When `db_manage` and `db_manage_rake` are both set to `false`,
there are no resources in `Class['foreman::database']`...


09:58 AM Foreman Bug #17445 (New): Cloned vsphere host doesn't preserve 'SCSI controller' attribute.
I created a vsphere host with 'SCSI controller' type set to 'VMware Paravirtual'
When cloning, the controller type i...


04:16 PM Foreman Revision 06ca4156 (community-templates): Don't install authorized_keys if user missing
If the `remote_execution_ssh_user` doesn't exist, then skip trying to
install the `remote_execution_ssh_keys` as `aut...
09:00 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #16107: Cannot render snippet due to .join call
A number of puppet users are already using the parameter from Foreman's ENC output and expect it to be an array.


02:58 PM Foreman Revision 9ec2d99f (community-templates): Disable OEL7's mysql boot media repo (#311)
Installation media for OEL7.2 includes out of date mysql packages in
`addons/Mysql`. This repo is automatically enab...
01:06 PM Foreman Revision 4d62c9bf (community-templates): Add `disable-uek` parameter
If `disable-uek` is set to true, Oracle Unbreakable Kernel packages are
uninstalled in the `%post` section and the ho...


06:48 AM Foreman Bug #11127: Host Build and Reboot shows template error when reboot fails
Not sure if it's relevant, but on these HP servers, if I'm also hitting


11:01 AM Smart Proxy Bug #17125 (Closed): Allow windows service name to be specified
Applied in changeset commit:65d1b8de480e7dd911d76271c03014d37b538147.
10:36 AM Smart Proxy Revision 65d1b8de: fixes #17125 - Prompt for Windows service name
Useful if you need to install multiple proxy services on the same
Windows server.

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