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01:58 PM Katello Bug #18187 (Closed): Katello-agent should create a katello-agent-restart file instead of manually...
At the moment when katello-agent is updated from the katello web-ui it fails because in katello-agents packaging it r...


03:07 PM Foreman Bug #17772 (Rejected): Collect /etc/profile.d files during foreman-debug run
Cloned from
There was a customer situation where they could no...
02:56 PM Foreman Bug #17771 (New): foreman-debug: script says it was successful even when it obv. wasn't.
Cloned from
Description of problem:
When something disrupts a...
02:51 PM Foreman Bug #17770 (Closed): foreman-debug does not preserve timestamps of log files
Cloned from
Description of problem:
The foreman plugin of sos...
02:03 PM Foreman Bug #17754 (New): foreman-debug warns the file being collected is the same as an existing file
Cloned from
Description of problem:
Running foreman-debug o...
01:55 PM Foreman Bug #17749 (New): foreman-debug archive files have confusing extension: .gz.txt
Cloned from
Certain log files are archived during a foreman-de...


11:01 AM Katello Bug #17601 (Closed): Replace all instances of Capsule with Smart Proxy in Katello UI
Applied in changeset commit:katello|738d54ad15fc64afe4975113973877575cde8a77.
10:39 AM Katello Revision 738d54ad (katello): Fixes #17601 - Replace capsule with smart proxy


12:28 PM Katello Feature #17614 (Assigned): Change nightly documentation to reflect Capsule name change to smart p...
As we move forward with changing the name of Capsules to Smart proxy upstream we also need the nightly documentation ...


10:10 AM Katello Bug #17601 (Closed): Replace all instances of Capsule with Smart Proxy in Katello UI
We are changing all references of Capsule to Smart proxy to be more in line with terminology in Foreman.

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