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04:44 PM Katello Bug #19079 (Closed): Adapt hammer-cli-katello to use the new options changes in hammer-cli
The linked issue causes errors resolving options in many commands in hammer-cli-katello.


10:19 AM Katello Bug #19023 (New): Potential for stuck task in repository remove_content action
In app/lib/actions/katello/repository/remove_content.rb, calling Repository::MetadataGenerate as a sync_task could le...


12:06 PM Katello Bug #18334 (Rejected): katello-backup fails when called from cron


03:32 PM Katello Bug #18923 (New): Hammer- can't remove puppet module from content view by id -- uuid is sent instead
Cloned from
Description of problem:

Can't remove puppet ...
01:59 PM Katello Bug #18899: [Katello 3.3] Failing to register new hosts using
Katello also contains this issue.
11:14 AM Katello Bug #18899: [Katello 3.3] Failing to register new hosts using
This seems to be caused by the hostgroup_id parameter. These params work:
{"host": {
"managed": "false",
10:52 AM Katello Bug #18899: [Katello 3.3] Failing to register new hosts using
Reproduced with Katello 3.3, foreman-1.14.2-1


05:01 PM Katello Bug #18706 (Closed): Race condition among capsule sync tasks to destroy/create pulp repos
Applied in changeset commit:katello|271f580840ca34c7f3ea5938323ca2b401661831.
04:32 PM Katello Revision 271f5808 (katello): Fixes #18706 - Handle 409 RestClient::Conflict
Handle conflict errors when trying to add repositories to a capsule that
already exist.


01:19 PM Katello Bug #18572 (Duplicate): Hammer - Unable to remove repo content using repo name if more than one r...

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