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01:56 PM Katello Bug #21689 (Ready For Testing): Specifying wrong content source id for host or hostgroup via hamm...
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
If you specify non-exi...


07:13 PM Katello Bug #21623 (Closed): hammer repository upload-content is successful even with incorrect product ID
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
When using hammer to...
05:57 PM Katello Bug #21593: `foreman-rake katello:upgrades:3.0:update_puppet_repository_distributors` undefined m...
Here is a workaround ansible playbook. Run it right before running the upgrade installer scenario.


08:08 PM Katello Bug #21593 (Closed): `foreman-rake katello:upgrades:3.0:update_puppet_repository_distributors` un...
On Katello 3.5 rc2:
# foreman-rake katello:upgrades:3.0:update_puppet_repository_distributors


01:17 PM Foreman Bug #21566: top level vertical navigation menu is slow to respond
The delay is either too long, or the menu should respond immediately to clicks. As a user, it feels like I'm wasting ...


07:40 PM Website Revision 376ee8e5 (theforemanorg): Update release documentation based on 3.5 release
06:33 PM Foreman Bug #21566 (New): top level vertical navigation menu is slow to respond
The old horizontal nav used to open the top level menus (i.e. Monitor, Content, Containers) immediately. The new vert...
01:14 AM Website Revision e18a0106 (theforemanorg): Instruct to stop Katello before yum update


03:01 PM Katello Bug #21458 (Closed): No more factory_girl_rails
Applied in changeset commit:katello|acf238d07f7d0a062d8512328566dd83c892f005.
02:29 PM Katello Revision acf238d0 (katello): Fixes #21458 - s/girl/bot/gi
FactoryGirl is now FactoryBot
factory_girl_rails is now factory_bot_rails

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