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04:01 PM Katello Bug #18028 (Closed): Custom product content published in Library isn't syncing to capsule
Applied in changeset commit:katello|1c9ad27d5a15ff21fe910a1689582ec1fb91312a.
03:40 PM Katello Revision 9c239083 (hammer-cli-katello): Refs #18028 - Only sync capsule on last upload
03:37 PM Katello Revision 1c9ad27d (katello): Fixes #18028 - Sync proxy on custom content change
Sync the external proxy associated with a custom repository when the
user uploads or deletes content.


09:16 AM Katello Bug #18589 (Ready For Testing): Add better documentation on how to add tests to hammer-cli-katello
There is little documentation in hammer-cli-katello about how to run the tests and the proper way/location to add tes...


04:23 PM Packaging Bug #18368 (Closed): no implicit conversion of String into Array (TypeError) when running katello...
04:22 PM Katello Revision e5f2b88f (katello-packaging): Fixes #18368 - Add arrays of strings...
as opposed to arrays and strings
04:20 PM Packaging Bug #18368 (Ready For Testing): no implicit conversion of String into Array (TypeError) when runn...


10:01 AM Katello Bug #18258 (Closed): Allow batched content install actions during errata install
Applied in changeset commit:katello|34eee5e67e856d92ca71b423b3a9dae2de497ad5.
09:27 AM Katello Revision 34eee5e6 (katello): Fixes #18258 - allow installing errata in batches


04:23 PM Katello Bug #18392 (Closed): require test file in content_view add_repository_test.rb

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