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08:11 PM Katello Bug #22638 (Closed): Content view repository List/Remove page is the same as Add page
Perhaps this was some cache in your browser or something? Regardless, I'm going to close it for now. Please reopen if...
06:55 PM Katello Bug #22638: Content view repository List/Remove page is the same as Add page
Is this only happening for one of your content views? I just tried it with a small sample of data on a fresh 3.5.1 in...


02:53 PM Katello Tracker #22595 (New): Upstream Subscription Management from Katello
These set of tasks enable Katello users to manage their subscriptions from the Red Hat customer portal.
02:50 PM Katello Feature #22594 (Ready For Testing): List available subscriptions from the customer portal
As an API or CLI user, I want to list available subscriptions from the Portal.
Interfacing with the ...


08:31 PM Katello Bug #22504 (Closed): Hammer expects improper sentences in tests
Caused by
08:17 PM Katello Bug #22503 (Closed): hammer host-collection list doesn't require organization options
The test currently checks that organization options are required.
07:21 PM Katello Bug #19738: WebUI LifeCycle Environment/Content View/Content Source don't always match actual values
Is this a duplicate of ?
07:19 PM Katello Bug #20853: Candlepin Update: Delete of hypervisor fails with FK Error
Is this fixed in ?
07:16 PM Katello Bug #21427 (Closed): Upgrade from Katello 3.4 to 3.5 RC1
Fixed in
07:13 PM Katello Bug #22344: Unable to update redhat subscription manifest
Please do not set the release when you report a bug. We like to triage bugs into a release as a team.

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