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05:40 PM Katello Bug #21341 (Duplicate): k-c-h errors when called /usr/sbin/katello-change-hostname
dupe of 21348
11:22 AM Katello Bug #21341 (Duplicate): k-c-h errors when called /usr/sbin/katello-change-hostname


01:04 PM Katello Bug #21268 (Closed): `open': Not a directory - /var/lib/qpidd/.qpidd/qls/jrnl/<something> (Errno:...
Applied in changeset commit:katello-installer|b7a1898a046d8734aa2d983a060de28f08a43edc.
10:03 AM Katello Revision b7a1898a (katello-installer): Fixes #21268 - only migrate qpid directories, not random f...
people sometimes place files at random places and then wonder why
things blow up, let's be nice to people
07:36 AM Katello Bug #21268 (Closed): `open': Not a directory - /var/lib/qpidd/.qpidd/qls/jrnl/<something> (Errno:...
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1500311
*Description of problem:*
When there are files (...


06:21 AM Katello Revision 96aa5232 (katello-packaging): Automatic commit of package [katello-client-bootstrap] min...
Created by command:
/usr/bin/tito tag --keep-version
06:20 AM Katello Revision 6e7e9b7b (katello-packaging): Release katello-client-bootstrap 1.4.2 (#550)


04:13 PM Katello Bug #21029 (Closed): katello-change-hostname uses fail_with_message before defining it
Applied in changeset commit:katello-packaging|94074414f1865d45a85f722ea5ae7a81cef87320.
03:43 PM Katello Revision 94074414 (katello-packaging): Fixes #21029 - define fail_with_message before run_cmd
run_cmd uses fail_with_message, so it has to be defined before
11:02 AM Katello Revision b6916c99 (katello-installer): Refs #21060 - fix proxy success message to have the right url
* Foreman Proxy is running at :#<Kafo::Param:20255140 @name="ssl_port" @default=8443 @value=9090 @type=i...

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