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Reported issues: 39


08:39 AM Katello Refactor #22980 (New): katello-service should use dynflowd instead of foreman-tasks
foreman-tasks.service has been renamed to dynflowd.service in foreman 1.17. I think k-service should honour this ren...


04:20 PM Katello Bug #22357: "Content Source" not updated in the UI
heck, I can't reproduce this anymore on latest 3.5. :(
10:26 AM Packaging Revision 20a2715a (foreman-packaging): Fixes #22566 - only tar configs that are present on the ma...
10:24 AM Packaging Revision 04f60d17 (foreman-packaging): Fixes #22551 - use runuser instead of sudo in k-backup


11:56 AM Packaging Revision 16e7e366 (foreman-packaging): don't require postgresql packages for katello


02:11 PM Website Revision c361e9ef (theforemanorg): use postgresql service instead of rh-postgresql96-postgresql (...
it's provided by the syspath packages anyways, and makes our life easier


06:14 PM Website Revision afcee4f1 (theforemanorg): Running Foreman with PostgreSQL 9.6 from Software Collections


09:28 AM Packaging Revision 3879d300 (foreman-packaging): Fixes #22548 - always use the absolute path for @dir


04:39 PM Katello Refactor #22566 (Ready For Testing): k-backup should not accept exit 2 from tar when backing up c...
Currently k-backup allows tar to exit with code 2 when backing up config files: https://github.com/theforeman/foreman...
02:01 PM Website Revision d03eebce (theforemanorg): fix UX event title to match the date

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