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08:01 AM Foreman Bug #17360 (Closed): Filter on FactValue with like-search fails with "malformed format string - %...
Applied in changeset commit:bcb747183e90eebf60bca672ccea81b05ba82810.
07:57 AM Foreman Revision bcb74718: Fixes #17360 - Prevent % string interpolation in scoped_search


01:16 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #20221 (New): Make log file size parameter configurable
01:14 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #20220 (New): Option to cleanup tasks backup files under /var/lib/foreman-maintain
An option to clean up the directory, /var/lib/foreman-maintain except data.yml- customer would ask to clean up the di...


05:10 AM Foreman Maintain Revision 4c478726 (foreman_maintain): Bump version to 0.0.5
04:58 AM Foreman Maintain Revision 20f0bc42 (foreman_maintain): Fixed - Packaging config changes
1. Required absolute path instead of relative path for default CONFIG_FILE.
2. Changed data directory to /var/lib ins...


07:02 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #20161 (New): Tool: Content view filter repoclosure
Description mentioned by Lukas:
This command finds all dependencies of a package for a pariticular repo, might be ...
07:01 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #20160 (New): Check: Number of interfaces
Comment by Lukas:
If a host has more than 100 interfaces it is likely an issue we have in Satellites 6.0-6.3 - cha...
06:38 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #20159 (New): Clean errored tasks in 6.2.z, if they are from previous sat version 6.0 or 6.1
Comment by Sanket Jagtap on Github:
While upgrade, there are two pending tasks since 6.0 install.
If we resume t...
06:35 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #20158 (New): Can the cells grow dynamically?
Comment by Swapnil Abnave:
Currently, the cells are restricted to 1 and 2 rows.
STDOUT greater than 2 rows fits i...

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