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06:07 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #23563 (New): Proactively check and correct the host setting under cli_config.yml to use ...
Cloned from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1563857
*Description of problem:*
When cli_config.yml wa...


10:17 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #23502 (New): [RFE] script/command to verify connection (via firewall) between satellite...
Description of problem:
Very frequently we get situations where the satellite and capsule or satellite and client ...
09:56 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #23461 (Duplicate): disable crond


01:02 PM Foreman Bug #23415 (Closed): Clear taxable_taxonomies created by audit records on taxonomy deletion
Applied in changeset commit:3a7c816a77980f2f964eb8d407254a48e988c698.
12:45 PM Foreman Revision 3a7c816a: Fixes #23415 - nullify taxonomy associations for audits (#5502)
On taxonomy destroy, nullify taxonomy associations for audit
records that are created by 'destroy' action on dependen...
07:18 AM Katello Feature #23416 (New): Audit filter_rules and association_with filters
There is collision of audited #version method that's being added from lib/audited/auditor.rb while ContentViewFilterR...
06:57 AM Foreman Bug #23415 (Closed): Clear taxable_taxonomies created by audit records on taxonomy deletion
ActiveRecord::InvalidForeignKey: PG:...


04:08 PM Katello Feature #22377 (Closed): [Audit] has_many association between sync-plan & product
07:18 AM Foreman Bug #23226 (Rejected): Locations from parent HG are not inherited by child HGs


11:12 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #21739: Cron jobs are not disabled for the upgrade
Lukas and Ivan,
I have one query regarding disabling cron jobs.
Currently, using iptables foreman-maintain set ma...

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