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07:31 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #21684 (New): Add a task for checking integrity of usergroup membership
Description of problem:
The usergroup membership tables (class UsergroupMember) in the foreman use polymorphic ass...


02:01 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #21596 (Closed): foreman-maintain upgrade run fails on disabling sync plans
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|0e7de94082c7fbe64f1764768aa0ab944e775e8d.
01:14 PM Foreman Maintain Revision 0e7de940 (foreman_maintain): Fixes #21596 - warnings related to profile files on bash load


12:01 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #21459 (Closed): option '--state' is missing in foreman-maintain advanced procedure run fore...
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|3fdec24778ad82b7bde9b19f0228f40a6f93016b.
11:56 AM Foreman Maintain Revision 3fdec247 (foreman_maintain): Fixes #21459 - '--state' not visible while running procedure


09:58 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #21596 (Closed): foreman-maintain upgrade run fails on disabling sync plans
Description of problem:
# foreman-maintain upgrade run --target-version=6.3
disabling sync plans ...


12:02 PM Foreman Bug #20204 (Closed): GET /hostgroup/:hostgroup_id/hosts returns all hosts when id of empty hostg...
Applied in changeset commit:f4d64312cc81b154c7c2d8784ec85bf554537180.
11:19 AM Foreman Revision f4d64312: Fixes #20204 - returns all hosts for unassigned hostgroup


07:50 AM Foreman Maintain Revision d915add0 (foreman_maintain): Fixes #21506 - scenario error on upgrade run


10:01 PM Katello Bug #21540 (Closed): Search filter disappears when deleting a host.
Applied in changeset commit:katello|e7bb4b817b9314cfcfe667ce9428702f8f95a095.

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