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05:01 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #20565 (Closed): Add license to the readme.md file
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|81abdf61dbd9432dfaf08e5700498a5159e42515.
04:24 PM Foreman Maintain Revision 81abdf61 (foreman_maintain): Fixes #20565 - Add license to the README.rst file


07:01 AM Hammer CLI Bug #19511 (Closed): There is inconsistent capitalization in the hammer help
Applied in changeset commit:876d57cf6323ae56c47303744de449489f8e142b.
06:40 AM Hammer CLI Revision 876d57cf: Fixes #19511 - Consistant capitalization in hammer help


06:02 AM Foreman Maintain Bug #20565 (Closed): Add license to the readme.md file


07:25 AM Discovery Bug #20549 (New): Response of reboot API action needs more readable messages
When a reboot fails for one or more hosts, api glues the error messages together and puts them into one message. It a...
07:01 AM Discovery Bug #20319 (Closed): Missing CLI option --all to initiate reboot or auto-provision for all hosts
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-discovery|c3799152a22d18a39a73c265fcb0b4aeee7f7f97.
06:26 AM Discovery Revision c3799152 (hammer-discovery): Fixes #20319 - Add missing cli option for reboot
03:01 AM Foreman Bug #20387 (Closed): Handle the extra spaces prefixed in discovery rules
Applied in changeset discovery:commit:foreman_discovery|a6001b102eb779b02dac2544f47818165cea85af.
02:38 AM Discovery Revision a6001b10 (foreman_discovery): Fixes #20387 -Clean redundant code for auto complete search

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