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08:37 AM Discovery Bug #21958 (Assigned): discovery-rule create ignores location-ids and organization-ids parameters
Description of problem:
this is a regression
$ hammer -u admin -p changeme discovery-rule create --hostgroup-id 1...


08:24 AM Discovery Bug #21941 (Ready For Testing): Host Group parameter is not validated while creating Discovery R...
While creating Discovery Rule, Host Group parameter is mandatory but if
any random Host Group ID is passed in hammer...


01:06 PM Foreman Bug #21108 (Closed): Add host_details to custom error


06:57 AM Discovery Bug #21652 (Ready For Testing): correct the reboot-all success message
The reboot-all success message must be for multiple hosts and not for a single host.


01:02 PM Discovery Bug #21109 (Closed): Format the message passed on by the reboot API
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-discovery|1997fda013901767fccb6a0c760b559cc3f7fbc0.
12:22 PM Discovery Revision 1997fda0 (hammer-discovery): Fixes #21109 - Formats the reboot api sent message


06:01 PM Hammer CLI Bug #4573 (Closed): Better error message for unknown template kind
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-foreman|5e5a08b6280541da1ef11a5373bc15349840eb58.
05:50 PM Hammer CLI Revision 5e5a08b6 (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #4573 -Better error message for unknown template kind


08:02 AM Discovery Bug #21087 (Closed): API doc for discovery_rule have taxonomy optional but they seem to be required
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_discovery|d5f330ba3b06804c0b825d6512557e6270e2a076.
07:14 AM Discovery Revision d5f330ba (foreman_discovery): Fixes #21087 - Correct Api doc for discovery rules

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